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Discussion in 'Modding Tools and Utilities' started by Hazelnut, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Gaear

    Gaear Bastard Maestro Administrator

    Apr 27, 2004
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    Just used this again (actually the first time for me - I did it the hard way originally a few years ago :blegh:) ... thanks again, Hazelnut, wherever you are - you saved my sanity! ;)

    Here is some hard-bought documentation on the current modded state of the worldmap (as of the forthcoming v7.5):

    Worldmap location IDs and coordinates

    (This has more to do with Spellslinger's Worldmapper than Hazelnut's Pathmapper but it is relevant to anyone wishing to assign travel paths. The coordinates are the location's arrival/departure x,y position on the worldmap)

    0	Emridy Meadows		98,157
    1	Moathouse		286,478
    2	Moathouse Cave Exit	315,480
    3	Nulb			402,155
    4	Imeryds Run		432,114
    5	Ogre Cave		260,188
    6	Temple			464,259
    7	Deserted Farm		415,220
    8	Deklo Grove		148,344
    9	Hommlet North*		89,430
    10	Hommlet South		not used
    11	Hommlet East		196,456
    12	Temple House		not used
    13	Broken Tower		not used
    14	Verbobonc		31,113
    15	Verbobonc Cave Exit	31,113
    16	Hommlet Quarry		64,420
    17	Hickory Branch		250,248
    18	Welkwood Bog		429,466
    Notes: Hommlet South is never used as a travel point. The Temple House and Broken Tower seem to automatically use the Temple's travel paths. Hommlet North (location 9) is the location ID always used for Hommlet, though the paths may originate and terminate elsewhere. Verbobonc and the Verbobonc Cave Exit, both being off the map, use the same paths.

    Path IDs

    (Anyone who has opened Pathmapper will know what these are, but they are never named anywhere. (Troika rage --> :raving:) So you could happily read the coordinates of each entry all day long in WorldBuilder's World Map app without knowing what they are.)

    0   Hommlet North to Verbobonc
    1   Hommlet North to Emridy Meadows
    2   Hommlet North to Deklo Grove
    3   Hommlet North to Hommlet Quarry
    4   Hommlet East to Temple
    5   Hommlet East to Deserted Farm
    6   Hommlet East to Imeryds Run
    7   Hommlet East to Nulb
    8   Hommlet East to Ogre Cave
    9   Hommlet East to Hickory Branch
    10  Hommlet East to Welkwood Bog
    11  Hommlet East to Moathouse Cave
    12  Hommlet East to Moathouse
    13  Verbobonc to Welkwood Bog
    14  Verbobonc to Moathouse Cave
    15  Verbobonc to Moathouse
    16  Verbobonc to Hommlet Quarry
    17  Verbobonc to Deklo Grove
    18  Verbobonc to Temple
    19  Verbobonc to Deserted Farm
    20  Verbobonc to Imeryds Run
    21  Verbobonc to Nulb
    22  Verbobonc to Ogre Cave
    23  Verbobonc to Hickory Branch
    24  Verbobonc to Emridy Meadows
    25  Temple to Welkwood Bog
    26  Temple to Moathouse Cave
    27  Temple to Moathouse
    28  Temple to Hommlet Quarry
    29  Temple to Deklo Grove
    30  Temple to Hickory Branch
    31  Temple to Emridy Meadows
    32  Temple to Ogre Cave
    33  Temple to Imeryds Run
    34  Temple to Nulb
    35  Temple to Deserted Farm
    36  Welkwood Bog to Deserted Farm
    37  Welkwood Bog to Imeryds Run
    38  Welkwood Bog to Nulb
    39  Welkwood Bog to Ogre Cave
    40  Welkwood Bog to Emridy Meadows
    41  Welkwood Bog to Hickory Branch
    42  Welkwood Bog to Deklo Grove
    43  Welkwood Bog to Hommlet Quarry
    44  Welkwood Bog to Moathouse
    45  Welkwood Bog to Moathouse Cave
    46  Hommlet Quarry to Emridy Meadows
    47  Hommlet Quarry to Deklo Grove
    48  Hommlet Quarry to Deserted Farm
    49  Hommlet Quarry to Imeryds Run
    50  Hommlet Quarry to Nulb
    51  Hommlet Quarry to Ogre Cave
    52  Hommlet Quarry to Hickory Branch
    53  Hommlet Quarry to Moathouse Cave
    54  Hommlet Quarry to Moathouse
    55  Emridy Meadows to Moathouse	Cave
    56  Emridy Meadows to Moathouse
    57  Emridy Meadows to Deklo Grove
    58  Emridy Meadows to Deserted Farm
    59  Emridy Meadows to Imeryds Run
    60  Emridy Meadows to Nulb
    61  Emridy Meadows to Ogre Cave
    62  Emridy Meadows to Hickory Branch
    63  Deserted Farm to Moathouse Cave
    64  Deserted Farm to Moathouse
    65  Deserted Farm to Deklo Grove
    66  Deserted Farm to Hickory Branch
    67  Deserted Farm to Ogre Cave
    68  Deserted Farm to Imeryds Run
    69  Deserted Farm to Nulb
    70  Imeryds Run to Moathouse Cave
    71  Imeryds Run to Moathouse
    72  Imeryds Run to Deklo Grove
    73  Imeryds Run to Hickory Branch
    74  Imeryds Run to Ogre Cave
    75  Imeryds Run to Nulb
    76  Moathouse Cave to Nulb
    77  Moathouse Cave to Ogre Cave
    78  Moathouse Cave to Hickory Branch
    79  Moathouse Cave to Deklo Grove
    80  Moathouse Cave to Moathouse
    81  Nulb to Moathouse
    82  Nulb to Deklo Grove
    83  Nulb to Hickory Branch
    84  Nulb to Ogre Cave
    85  Moathouse to Ogre Cave
    86  Moathouse to Hickory Branch
    87  Moathouse to Deklo Grove
    88  Ogre Cave to Deklo Grove
    89  Ogre Cave to Hickory Branch
    90  Deklo Grove to Hickory Branch
    :arrow: Note that this info is not at all accurate for vanilla paths.
  2. Allyx

    Allyx Master Crafter Global Moderator Supporter

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Has this app changed recently? I remember having to manually direct the app to the world map.tga files to use as a background... There no longer seems to be an option to change which map you use.
  3. Gaear

    Gaear Bastard Maestro Administrator

    Apr 27, 2004
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    I'm nearly positive it hasn't changed.
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