Lerrick and Points Beyond in Verbo

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by kungfuramone, Mar 8, 2011.

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    I did some trying around (not looking at flags/vars though) and here is what i found out about that quests mentioned above (will expand that post when i find out something new):

    Family Turmoil quest
    (You have to have set Elysia free from her cell in the Temple [of Elemental Evil] already in order for her to show up in Verbobonc.)

    Talk to Elysia in the Lord Viscount's Manor. make her agree to give 500 gold to Viscount as promise for 1 month of her idle
    Talk with Viscount then, and he accepts -> quest closed

    but after that you can still talk to her -> she tries to blackmail you, saying she will make you either pay a 1000 gold or telling everyone you took her hostage when she goes for her next adventure setting the guards of verbobonc after you

    you can either pay -> -1000 gold or
    do not pay -> tell her father -> there is nothing to fear (he says)

    Robbery at the Hostel quest (Darlia's quest #1)

    First of, Darlia and Lerrik arent immediatly there when entering the maroon moon.
    Make a reservation for a table with the guy on the bottom floor for the next day (dont know which of my chars succeeded to do that).

    Come back next Day and go to the upper floor, Darlia and Lerrik await.
    Talk to Darlia (Manager) on the top floor of Zeebel's Maroon Moon)
    Did that with my rogue (true neutral halfling, appraise 24, bluff 22, diplomacy 24, gather info 20, intimidate 15, sense motive 13) got the quest to rob the jeweler in the waterside hostel in nulb
    you can either turn him into the viscount/authorities (leading to
    Snitching on the Scarlet Brotherhood / Narcing on the Scarlet Brotherhood quest)
    or do the robbery (leading to darlias quest #2) - those quests are a bit better described at the above mentioned topic.

    Catching the 'Cousin' quest
    During the day, talk to Wilfrick (Lord Viscount) in the Lord Viscount's chambers in City Hall after Darlia has mentioned the 'Removing Wilfrick' (Darlia Quest #3) quest to you.
    -> dont know if there is something after that talking, will let you know when i find out)

    maybe some mod/admin can put that infos of mine into the top too?

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