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Discussion in 'Icewind Dale Total Conversion' started by Allyx, May 7, 2016.

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    Since the IWD:ToEE will be based on IWD:EE i decided to upgrade my version.

    A couple weeks ago I purchased IWD:EE from GOG, and i have been powering through it.

    For those that don't know -

    IWD:EE is basically a combination of this:
    • Icewind Dale
    • Heart of Winter Expansion (accessible in Kuldy if you are lvl-9 or higher)
    • Trials of the Luremaster (add-on to Heart of Winter) (accessible from within HoW - Lonelywood's tavern)
    • MOD: Unfinished Business (except Marketh's Ring quest)
    • MOD: Item Upgrades
    • MOD: Fixpack
    • Uses the BG2 UI (new classes, kits, additional spells and items, etc)

    Even though I am almost done with the IWD:EE game, I just learned something new... If you have GOG IWD:EE ver2.5.17.0 then you can activate the AoE markers for your spells. But I don't think it is limited to the GOG version.

    Go to your Documents -> Icewind Dale - Enchanced Edition folder and edit the Baldur.lua file

    locate the Show AOE setting and change it to 1:


    Here is a Fireball area:

    As noted above, I don't think this is limited to GOG versions, and it should work on BG:EE, too.

    If you have BG:EE and/or IWD:EE it is worth a try if you have a sufficiently new enough version. I've seen notes about it working in BG:EE v2.5.16 but you may need to add this line into the Baldur.lua file if it isn't in there already.
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