I messed up TOEE, what should I do?

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by lazynomore52, Nov 5, 2020.

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  1. lazynomore52

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    Jan 12, 2020
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    (This video is me, killed by Demon at Fire Node. You don't have to watch it, it just shows what happens when I fight stronger enemies)


    I'm playing Temple of Elemental Evil with Co8 and Temple+ patched.

    Long story short: my character is lv 2 Rogue/2 Figher/9 Sorcerer that makes lv 13,

    However, I can't level up anymore because I've wiped out almost every enemies.

    However, all remaining enemies are too strong to kill.

    Here's the Long version:

    I've wiped out Deklo Grove(Spiders), Moathouse, Emridy Meadows(Hill Giant and some skeletons)

    Wiped out Temple Dungeon Level 3, wiped out Fire Temple after I've done their quest,

    Wiped out Water Temple.

    Wiped out Lich Mathel, his minions.

    All remaining enemies are Demons from Elemental Nodes, Earth Temple, Air Temple, Hendrack(Iuz Summoner guy), Zuggtmoy

    However, they are too strong to kill and I don't have any enemies to get exp.

    Sometimes I rest inside Temple to have random encounter, but most encounters are ogres and they don't give me much exp.

    Furthermore, I can't recruit NPCs because I don't know why, but people of Hommlet are hostile to me. Elmo, Burne, Rufus died.

    I can't go to Nulb too because I killed Dala and Nulb are hostile too.

    Remaining companions are Zaxis(Bard), Sargen(Wizard) but they are too weak.

    I have Fragarach and Scather and these are good weapons but it's not enough to beat them.

    What should I do? I don't want to use console commands, should I re-start the game?
  2. Pygmy

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    I would pre-generate a few fighters (or whatever you require) with decent stats in the ToEE front-end and then reload your current game and proceed either to the inn in Hommlet or Wat's bar in Nulb and open the book you will find on the table.

    Use book to add one 1st level character to party. Equip and use your main character as a chaperon for your new character as you voluntarily undergo random encounters. Your new character will achieve 9th level even if your main character gains no experience points

    Repeat with extra characters as required.

    I notice you are playing Temple+; have you tried prestige classes? For level 13 you could have a Rogue1/Wizard5/Assassin1/Arcane Trickster6 who casts 6th level spells [disintegrate with 5d6 sneak attack and impromptu sneak attack}. The best bit is that without alignment cheating you have to be CE or NE so no Scather nonsense.
  3. Shiningted

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    What he said. Otherwise, get Sargen or Zaxis to join (or even the Succubus) and then try resting down on level 4, I think you get Ettins or Giants rather than Ogres? Even if you level slowly, your weak NPCs should level quickly.

    When Zaxis gets powerful enough to cast Modify Memory (which for memory is a bard-only spell but I could be wrong), try using this on someone in Hommlet you want to recruit, like Pishella or Ronald. Might make them not attack you and join up :)
  4. Nightcanon

    Nightcanon Garrulous Halfling

    May 7, 2012
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    What spells do you have available, and what is your alignment? And do you have a potion of Greater Heroism? How close are you to being able to take another level of Sorceror (either to go up to 14th level, or could you go back a bit to an earlier save and go up from 12th to 13th again?). The major weakness of Sorcerors is their limited ability to change their known spells. A Wizard can simply buy scrolls to increase their knowledge (and scribe them to increase their spells per day), but a Sorceror can't.
    I would agree that the Balor is the trickiest fight in the whole game- at least at the point at which it is implied you can fight it. The good news is that you don't need to fight it yet. The key to the New Content beyond the Temple is defeating Zuggtmoy, and she's a bit easier.
    How wedded are you to playing with a solo PC? If you are planning to solo the whole game, a multiclassed character is suboptimal: your PC has the BAB of a 7th level fighter, the spells of a 7th level wizard (in terms of numbers, at least) and the sneak attack damage of a level 1 rogue, and can only perform one of these roles each round. You are going to struggle with getting much further without adding some allies.
    The easiest way to do this is to create your own level 1 characters as pygmy suggests, and have them in your party as your main PC deals with random encounters. There's an option in the Temple+ config to turn off restrictions on XP gain without levelling up, which will allow 'level squatting' - i.e. Keeping your new PCs at first level while gathering enough XP to get to higher levels (a first level PC with 50k XP still earns XP for watching you fireball goblins and bandits, but a 9th level PC with the same XP total doesn't). Alternatively, you may find it less frustrating to use the console to raise a couple of new characters up to, say 8th level, and pretend that a couple of mid-level characters happened to turn up in town. I've never had an issue with doing this, and it's less risky than resetting story states with the console. Particularly if you have two answering swords, a party of 3 or 4 can get you a long way- you should be able to manage many of the tougher fights in the temple. Power Attack set to 'all my BAB' and Fragarach/Scather in both hands will always hit and do major damage. Stoneskin gives you damage reduction and effective extra HP. Greater Heroism protects vs Fear effects from outsider enemies. The main danger with the Balor (and Zuggtmoy) is their ability to terrify, dominate, or otherwise do something to your PC that takes them out of your complete control. There are ways to become immune to fear and charm affects, and to stay alive despite being hit by things that are a lot scarier than the stardard humanoid enemies, but they are easier to apply if you have enough actions per turn in your party to use them.
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  5. ithildur

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