Craft Item: Costs and Requirements

Discussion in 'Guides and Help Threads' started by The Royal Canadian, Feb 28, 2010.

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    May 29, 2011
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    Thank you, Allyx, I am quite familiar with that page :) I also understand that some abilities may not be available. Probably all I was asking for was this Temple+ 1.0.29 changelog information:

    Crafting Improvements
    • Expanded Craft Magic Arms & Armor:
    • +4 and +5 enhancement bonuses now possible
    • New weapon enchantments available: Merciful, Seeking, Speed, Thundering, Wounding
    • New Armor/Shield enchantments available: Spell Resistance 15/17/19
    • Altered Wand Crafting to support setting the caster level, with item cost adjusted.
    • Crafted Wands now all have 50 charges too! (since you can no longer exploit the system by crafting at your current level without paying extra for it)
    It could be helpful to have that info/link somewhere here also, if possible (Guides and Help Threads is probably where most people will start, but in no way I am enforcing anyone to put it there). Addition of Speed, Seeking and higher enhancement bonuses sounds interesting and makes me want to try some ranged or dual-wielding rogues/assassins even more.

    I would like to thank you all for EXCELLENT work on fixing/upgrading/modding this wonderful game! Gameplay is so much better with Co8 (and now with added Temple+)!
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    ive been ninja'd. Heh heh
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