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Apr 27, 2004
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    1. mooses
      Hey, I have used the mods for some time now and am currently using 5.5.0, but I have just recently became a member of the site because I have had a few ideas for mods. Sorry to have to communicate with you this way but I don't know any other way. Now the reason I have typed this message is because I have made a new thread for people to post ideas for mods, but after one day have had no replies. I would like to know where a good place to relocate it would be. My theory is that if thee is a place for people to openly put deas for mods, there would be a lot of good deas. If there already is a thread like the one I described please let me know. if you would like to talk about this please e-mail me at

      Thank you for reading this
      Leviticus H. Carl
    2. Vecna's uncle Bill
      Vecna's uncle Bill
      Hello again
      Would you know where I could obtain the "patch 2 no CD" crack ? I am encountering the looting bug *after* installing patches 1 + 2 + 5.7 mod pack

      Thanks again,
    3. jtlupo
      im new . ty for haveing this website. very imformative i think. =P
    4. MB
      Had just typed up a rather lengthy reply to your last post and subsequent locking of thread. However, since I managed to delete it I won't bother retyping. Suffice it to say that I disagree with your strongarmed tactics and think that your reaction continues to be out of proportion with reality. That said - do what you must. Have a Nice Day.
    5. maalri
      Hey Gaear- any idea when -or IF- DH will be integrated or available with the newest Mod/FE? Ted said you took it out and would be the one to know if it can go back in...
    6. Stohrm Knightforger
      Stohrm Knightforger
      Hey Gaear,

      I've been working on Jayfie's dialogue and if memory serves that's your puppy. So, I'd like to be able to send the changes I've made to you, if possible. But I'm not sure how to do that from here. If I figue it out I'll attach it, otherwise let me know the best way to get it to you (or whomever was laying claim to it).



      PS. It's still a ways from being done, but (hopefully) with what I've done the rest will be rather simple.
    7. Ranth
      Hi Gaear,

      I am sure you get this alot, but I am considering developing a mod for ToEE. I know you are working on the balancing project, and I would ideally like to have my mod added into the CMF and 5.0.0 package. I would like to know if there is any vision I need need to follow when designing my mod? Below is a brief description of what I have been thinking about doing over the last week.

      Background: Content for high level players (13+). At this point the characters have gone from simple adventures to heros (or villians) and should be treated as such. They have also inflicted a great deal of harm to the temple, which cannot go unaccounted for.

      I have a great deal of detail in my head, but the basics would entail the party defending hommlet from an invading army (on the hommlet map) with the powerful NPC's on their side. If the party has freed Lareth from Burnes tower, they would have the option of turning evil and joining the fight against the forces of Hommlet.

      If they sucessfully defend Hommlet, Burne will die in fight, and the party will be choosen to be the new lord and move into the tower. This opens new plot possibility (involving politics of other nations) and invading others or defending Hommlet (and maybe finishing the castle). If they are evil and win against Hommlet, they become over-lords of Hommlet and move into the tower and we can use the new plot lines.

      Either way, they become lords and we open up more quest possibilities.

      If I were to make this mod, would this go with the Co8 vision enough to possibly make it into 6.0.0 if ever made?

      I know you are balancing the game, and this would be good endgame material. Balancing loot from the battle would be done after you are done with your project to keep the game items from being too strong or too weak.

      Thanks and let me know your thoughts.
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