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Jul 15, 2020
Aug 14, 2004
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Jan 8, 1984 (Age: 40)
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Teacher of English and Latin at the University


Attorney General, 40

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Jul 15, 2020
    1. Endarire
    2. XVicious
      About the requirements for world builder and need 2 Gb ram; I would also suggest a tech req alternate to plane physical hardware ram. People could also use there hard drive as virtual memory for page file-ing. Most modern hard disk's are mass storage and usually, typically have alot of free space.
      this means that virtual memory can be alotted more richly.
      virtual memory is an extension of RAM (random access memory), but it extends istself to a page file located on the disk alotted.
      by file I mean it is just that, and it goes by the generic name pagefile.sys
      it is a system attributed file and is used by the OS to extend its range of buffering, for such things its basically an extension RAM and is used in the same fasion.
    3. coconoodles
      Hi thanks for the activation .
      Im a massive noob when it comes to command console and I know you probs get this question a lot but when I try any item spawning code I either get Arrows that say do not use or the games freezes up . Just curious if there is any idea why .
      Thank you for the help :)
    4. hmudd67
      Neither attachment at the bottom of the first post works. All I get is: this is not a valid zip file when I try to open them.

    5. maalri
      Hey Master Agetian- I Pmed you a long while back with a question about Portrait exchanging.. wondering if you ever got that? Basically I'm pestering all the beins here about how to swap a few pics from the old Portrait pack over to the play file on 5.6 - Can ya help a non-modder out?
    6. OgreBattle
      Hi there,

      I made some discoveries as to the animation and what software to possibly manipulate them.

      Ever heard of Fakk 2 Tools? They are public domain source for animation, and there is an amazing amount of information there that may be helpful, along with 3ds Max. Go to this URL and take a look.

      I have not given up on my plan for my Tomb of Horros project, and now armed with this (possible) lead, I am going to jump in deeper.
    7. masumaro
      Ive had the ToEE game for so long. But then I decided to see whats up with all the bugs and I found you guys. Now I have Windows Vista and every time I try to play it crash back to the Desktop. Any ideas?
      Thanks a lot for your help.
    8. lokison
      I can't post on the forum.My problem is I can't get DH quest to work in TOEEX.Any suggestions?

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    Jan 8, 1984 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    Teacher of English and Latin at the University
    Author of the ToEE community toolset, Co8 board administrator

    (in no particular order) Programming, Linguistics, ToEE, Disney Show "Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers", everything Sonic-related (SEGA cartoons and games),HB pencil drawing, D&D 3E and 3.5E, Magic:The Gathering, Mahjongg, and many more :)


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