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  1. Gordonnor
  2. Badsirbrian
    Playing modded BG3 :)
  3. HeRocco
    Playing Temple
  4. Ye Olde Guy
    Ye Olde Guy Gaear
    Thanks for adding me! Your Co8 mod is great!
    In the standard game, there are 19 pre-generated characters: 12 are iconics, 1 (Regdar) is associated with some of the board games, 5 of those have an evil alignment, and 1 (The Kern) is CN (changed in the mod to CE). I'm guessing that the 5 evil characters were conceived by the Troika team, but what about The Kern? Any ideas?
  5. zertzax
    Mod resolution
  6. WickedPrince
    WickedPrince zertzax
    I tried that Skimpy mod, it seems to work ok, but the game screen resolution kind of makes it moot. I'd like to see if I can tweak it just a bit higher without the game-screen going wonky.
  7. WickedPrince
    WickedPrince sigofmugmort
    I tried that skimpytemple2 mod, dropped the overrides folder from it directly into the main ToEE folder. It seems to work, but of course the character icons are so small it's hard to tell.
  8. Marcelo Abner
    Marcelo Abner
    Know as ArlosMolten somewhere.
  9. Lord_Spike
    Diablo IV, bitches!!!! See you out there?
  10. Daryk
    Finally updated my avatar...
  11. Shiningted
    basically retired from modding at this point :(
  12. justl
    justl Allyx
  13. Grao
    Thank you!
  14. sneakycold
    Got to play ToEE again after a few years, enjoying it with the latest Temple+.
  15. anatoliy
    Enemy of the Physical Realm
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