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  1. anatoliy
    Enemy of the Physical Realm
  2. Endarire
    Endarire MajorTomSawyer
  3. anatoliy
    On vacation till August
  4. Shiningted
    Avatar by Aikuo, thanks dude :)
  5. Shiningted
    I change this more than everyone else :)
  6. Endarire
    Endarire Gaear
    Greetings, @Gaear!

    May we get a separate board for @anatoliy's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil module he's been working on?

  7. Shiningted
    140 character status update? Wtf do we have this??? Why does it bother me so!?!?!?!
  8. Shiningted
    50 now - why don't we have birthdays on the main page like we used to?
  9. Endarire
    Endarire Sagenlicht
    I asked because I have a variety of requests for the ToEE engine. For example, I'd [i]very[/i] like Halruaan Elder, Red Wizard of Thay, or/and Hathran for Circle Magic! I also would like [url=]Inspire Courage Boosting Material[/url].

  10. Endarire
    Endarire Sagenlicht
    Greetings, @Sagenlicht!

    What are your near-term plans for ToEE engine modding?

    1. Sagenlicht
      Adding spells from the spell compendium to offer more play style diversity for the caster classes. Why?
      Feb 19, 2021
  11. Endarire
    Endarire Isewein
    Greetings from BeamDog's forum! Welcome!
    1. Isewein
      Thank you!
      Jan 7, 2021
  12. Shiningted
    So damn weary.
  13. dracocisk
    dracocisk Shiningted
    Hello, can you tell me a way to install co8 with a german game? Cuz when I try to install the 1st atari patch it tells me I don't have "ToEE any english". is there something I can download or change some settings to get it work?
  14. Kriegdoom
    Somewhere in the lower caves ...
  15. Endarire
    Endarire Loial
    Thanks for calling me an "amazing person!"
    1. Mati
      Hello. I just Killed Otis (lareth is dead too) and I can't get access to the temple. Which are the other ways to get it on the map? Thanks a lot.
      Dec 19, 2019
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