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Discussion in 'Maps, Textures, and Graphics' started by XVicious, May 23, 2015.

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    Jun 21, 2013
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    Recombining/Splitting process
    Hi I wanted to point out a couple things about World builder.
    In hopes that this might help improve the whole objective about this program.
    The JPEG key names lose their original names while/during the recombining/splitting ;

    so in order to fix this default, an individual may have to go and rename up to 600
    jpegs individually. possibly taking a few hours;

    but if your a programmer like my self, I create another application, that goes and
    makes a list of the original names from the original map, and then goes and restores
    them in the edited-and newly split MAP (in like 2 seconds).

    so the idea here is to refine the process in order to save the user time.
    If I (as a USER) need to spend more time attempting to over-ride an original map
    then I lose patients and possibly give up.

    If I am trying to make a Module, using existing maps, sectors, clipping, extra.
    I can save time by not having to fill in those details that are already there in the original.
    All I need do, is over-ride and change the details I need changed.


    Now then Alternatively, by default built into World builder scripting;
    If you use the original Map Names, the JPEG keys will remain the same
    as the original.

    So if you want to over-ride and original Map, the name of the Combine map,
    must be the same size-height-width and Have the same name as the original Map

    --World building is a very tedious process, when it comes to File and folder management. Not only tedious file/folder management, you need to Match
    every detail in order to get a successful result, when Over-riding the
    original data.

    MOB - mobile objects (Monsters,NPC's,ITems,extra. ) extension *.mob
    Even these and sector data attached to them, or static objects , thus MOB;
    must be overidden and matched in every relative detail in order to get
    the result you expected.
    then this means, you must also have the matching MOB key names,
    but the data inside them can be different, as long as it is compatible.

    --just deleting these (MOB,sectors,excetra.)details out of your Module,
    will not give you a freshly painted MAP. You need to over-ride them, and every
    one of them using the original KEY file name.

    -so a Map could have up to sum 50 MOB's you need go down the list,
    and change them all 1 by 1, 1 at a time, then go and debug them during
    the runtime.

    if you change 1 MOB in the map, you will need to delete the TOEE temp
    file cache, in order to see any change, and if you try to load your game?
    your game will crash for trying to load new MOB's that are not in your
    map temp file data cache.

    -I hope this info helps someone build new modules-
    XV OUT-
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