TOEE SKM MODEL Browser/loader prodject

Discussion in 'Models, Animations, and Particle Effects' started by XVicious, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Jun 21, 2013
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    Here is the idea, ever wanted to sit back and watch a program endlesly load and
    display all the monsters in TOEE as a 3d Render for a good close look at em?

    INPUT: meshes.mes

    windows 32 application scans meshes.mes then snags all the file paths to all the models
    that you want to look at and loads them 1 by 1 for a little time then moves on to the next model.

    Like a screen saver or mesh model browser
    source, and program updates coming soon...

    breif overview

    contains data structure source code C++
    ~global data defs~:
    SKMData GData;
    SKMData Bones;

    used as external functions and data or just
    #include <skm.cpp>

    Destroy() // free all memory in GData
    RenderSKM() // function draws model OPENL GL CODE
    //Loads random access DATA
    LoadRaDATA(char *filen) // Loads Model Data *.skm into GData
    //filen : file name <"path to skm">

    //to Write model Anima8or file to CWD
    //via LOADRADATA()
    //#define _WriteRaData

    if _WriteRaData is defined, or uncommented the above function will
    write a cad file *.an8 format that is editeable

    this source example requires alot of class definitions and
    macros defs I am not including here. they are too large to put here.
    but I will be working on this a little more to allow you to try out the EXE
    if you are interested in updates, I will be back soon.

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