The Keep on the Borderlands Demo Final

Discussion in 'Negative Energy Plane' started by Shiningted, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    Its here! The final version of the KotB Demo, featuring:
    • fixing of many bugs
    • a new map (the Raiders) from the module
    • a new recruitable NPC
    • a new merchant, selling essential hats
    • new mini-quests
    • the long-awaited portraits (as seen in Co8 5.5)
    • the improved voice-pack (also as seen in Co8 5.5)
    • total overhaul of all the existing maps with better lighting, pathing etc, all the minimaps, and far less CTDs!
    Well, not a whole lot of new stuff, since new stuff means new bugs, but a great deal of bug-fixing and general polishing.

    >>>>>>>DOWNLOAD HERE FROM ModDB<<<<<<<

    Note that this is a FULL INSTALLATION for various reasons, not a patch of the previous Demo.

    Also note the following:

    The previous Demo is NOT NEEDED and can (and probably should) be uninstalled before you install this Final version. However since they are seperate modules they can co-exist if you want.

    Co8 5.5.0 is NOT needed! This is a seperate module, and again they can co-exist if you have both.

    TFE-X IS needed: this is a native TFE-X module!

    Save games from the earlier Demo will NOT work. Make new PCs and start a new game!

    There are installations instructions at the site (click 'read more' in the Description section) or follow the comprehensive instructions below. Thanks to Gaear for steps 1-5.

    Installation Instructions


    Use your game CDs to install the game. If you already have it installed, uninstall it first via Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. After you have done that, navigate to your Atari game directory and delete the Temple of Elemental Evil subfolder. These steps are necessary to ensure that your installation is 'clean.' Installing the Co8 5.5.0 Modpack overtop a wrongly installed game will result in errors.

    STEP 2:


    Atari's ToEE patch 2 includes all the fixes from Atari's ToEE patch 1, but there have been reports from people who experienced problems when they skipped patch 1. Therefore, we recommend installing it first, just to be on the safe side. After downloading, simply double-click the patch and it will install automatically. It is available here:

    STEP 3:


    After installing Atari patch 1, install Atari patch 2. After downloading, simply double-click the patch and it will install automatically. It is available here:

    STEP 4:


    You SHOULD NOT install Atari's patch 3, since it's not compatible with this mod. The only additional feature patch 3 contains anyway is a fix for the infamous DirectX 9.0c looting bug. But this particular issue is also addressed by the CO8 modpack. If you have installed patch 3 already and want to get rid of it, just install patch 2 overtop of it.

    STEP 5:


    Microsoft's .NET Framework Version 2.0 is required for Agetian's Temple of Elemental Evil Front-End X (see below). Get .NET Framework Version 2.0 here, if it isn't installed already:

    Most modern systems should already have this installed. To check if it's already installed on your system, go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and look for 'Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.'

    STEP 6:


    Extract the KotB_Demo_Final.rar file to the root directory (Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil). Click 'extract and replace' or 'overwrite' as necessary. This will create a file called KotB_Demo_1.1_Final.tfm and matching .txt and .jpg files, which should appear alongside the data, docs and modules folders and other elements of the root folder.

    To play, run TFE-X, select the module and click 'Activate'. This may take some time.

    Be aware that if you have a copy of Co8 5.5.0 or any other mod active, any private changes (such as editing the will be lost when the module is de-activated - back up the data folder as necessary!

    When it is done, select 'Options / Clear the Game Cache' and press play.
  2. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    The patch is out! Get it


    This patch updates the Demo Version 1.1 Final to 1.11.


    You MUST have the 1.1.0 Demo Patch final and TFE-X already installed and activated. If not, please do so following the instructions in the previous post. Then

    - download zip

    - unzip to root directory. Overwrite as necessary.

    - run TFE-X (with KotB Demo Final already the active module)

    - click the 'add-on' button and activate the only add-on you see :)

    - give it time to activate

    - once finished, choose the 'clear the map cache' option and press play



    Continue to post bug reports in the current Official Demo Patch Final bug reporting thread, since I haven't fixed all of them and will address everything in that thread (ultimately).


    - cleric of Hextor dialogue modified and many bugs fixed, opening up Hextorite quests

    - Axer 'blowing horn' bug fixed

    - sound burst "I dropped a door" bug fixed and effect generally improved

    - Cerulean's Balm fixed

    - "Enemy of the Keep" rep added to all guards and a Watchman that has been intimidated into not making you sheathe your weapon, stays that way

    - Aereon's hair changed

    - Thieves' Guild overhauled (Arfur dressed, Klaus moved, shadow armour gift fixed)

    - The pub and market place no longer go KOS after you clear out the Thieves' Guild

    - Ricario now gives you poison, not belladonna

    - Minor bugs for provisioner and wife's dlgs fixed and bulk-buy of clothes done.

    - Magic ammunition icons fixed

    - Lady Maeri's vial fixed, both the 'identified' potion issue and if you get interrupted by the Druids

    - Flay's spider poison loophole fixed

    - already-identified issue with Falchion and Pain's Memory fixed

    - dragon and lizard-backups set to same faction, dragon 'spawn door on death' bug fixed

    - graveyard-to-Keep-gate transition fix

    - 'archers charging' situation improved (crossbows removed from random undead)

    - Billy fixed, yet again

    - 'please report this bug' response from the Bailiff worked on (also Billy's fault, the little ****) and Spider Queen quest reporting fixed

    - Nobby's poisoned weapons no longer +1

    - Minor dlg fixes for Angela, Milson, Geoffrey, Crazy Ivan

    - housekeeping done on mobs in caravan map


    - Benemina now sells whole-party packs of clothing (clothes, robes, cloaks, boots-n-gloves) to quickly give a party the uniform look, if desired

    - party now gets a reward for the bonus quest (untested!)

    - 'Simple weapon proficiency' feat information added for various classes (click on it - it still doesn't appear in the little box).


    - anything not specifically said to be fixed

    - the report of broken dialogue in Lady Maeri's file - I couldn't find it. If anyone sees it, please confirm & try to be very specific what dlg choices led to it.

    - The CTD bug. This patch was held up a long time (weeks) while I tried to make the damn thing trigger and I couldn't, so maybe I fixed it without meaning to do so (heaven knows I introduced it that way). If not, I still have a few ideas up my sleeve :)
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