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Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by Chad878262, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Chad878262

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    May 29, 2006
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    Just finished a full playthrough (except for Demons and Demi-gods, not sure how to beat 4 Iuz's, even after reading some topics on tactics). Went with LG party alignment and here is how they looked at the end:

    Face: R12/F4. Spiked Chain, Improved Trip, EWP/WF/WS Spiked Chain, Combat Reflexes, all talking skills, Robes of midnight. Tripper, sneak attacker.

    Primary Tank: F4/P12. Dual wield Long Swords, married Melany. All TWF feats, WF/WS Long Sword, Power Attack, Cleave. Evil Smiter and highest damage dealer. Two crafted Holy/Axiomatic Long swords, one with Shocking burst, one with Fire burst.

    Cleric: Dwarven C16 of Pelor. Dw War Axe and shield or sling, both crafted Holy etc. Sun and Good domains. Healer, Undead destroyer.

    Wizard: General Mage 15, Greater spell penetration and Greater Spell Focus: Enchanting (should have done conjuration, used it more than enchant after about level 5). Crafter, liberal castings of disabling spells such as glitterdust, hold monster and the like.

    Secondary tank/damage dealer: M1/R15. Dual wield Dao's. Fun build. stinks that flurry is wonky with Full Attack function, but still had fun with this guy.

    Ronald: Primary crafter of all but holy. C14. Healer and secondary cleric, stuck with Longbow, but had a crafted heavy mace as well. Kind of strange that he is an archer with strength domain, but good back story.

    Melany: summoner and secondary disabler, married to the paladin. Found her to be extremely useful with spike stones, elemental damage spells and especially summoning earth elementals.

    General Thoughts: Fantastic work on the entire game! Obviously bug fixes for the standard game are huge, but also love the ability to go past 10 with some really interesting tactical battles! There are a few annoyances left and I hit snags occasionally, but the forums are so active and such a huge help that I never got stuck for long. (thanks to many of you, especially Garza, and Geaer, but there are many others out there!) I didn't end up seeing all the quests for Good chars, such as Robin of Locksley and random encounter with the other adventurer group, but pretty sure I got most. Folks must do some xp grinding to hit 20 by the time they get to the Demons and Demigods quest... In any case, loved the experience and am actually starting a new game with Lawful Evil, which I never play (evil) since I get bored with either ignoring alignment or only being stupid/crazy murder everyone evil. All of the things I have read about evil quests has me intrigued so running a group of 6 Hextorites (mostly) to try out all of this. Going to avoid any quest that set's a town against me (until WotGS) while trying to do as many evil quests as possible. Any advice/thoughts or things to look out for to ensure I don't miss on the evil side or just follow the walkthrough? Party concept:

    Face: Human Female Rogue - Dual wield short swords/wakizashi's. focus on talking skills and back stabbing. She is a cold killer, but speaks and acts playfully until she slits your throat. :yes:

    Tank: Human Male Fighter - Greatsword, eventually will use the Frostbrand... (can you upgrade/craft this to be Axiomatic?) He is sent as a Guard to the primary cleric by Hextor High priest.

    Cleric1: Human Male Cleric of Hextor - The guy sent by the high priest. War and Evil domains. Focus is on buffing and slaughtering. Higher Strength / Con with enough wisdom to cast spells.

    Cleric2: Human Female Cleric of Wee Jas - Death and Law domains. Focus is on creating undead and spell casting (high Wis and Cha). joined the group based on their capacity to bring death and provide subjects for her army of undead.

    Wizard: Human Male Necromancer. Trying to become a Lich. Will specialize in Necromancy and get Gr spell focus Necro. Barred schools will be illusion and abjuration, probably.

    Ranger: Human Male Ranger, may take a level barbarian, not sure yet. Thinking about eventually having WF handaxe and dual wielding Cleavers, just because I haven't used them before. May drop this and take a bard. The 6th slot is really because I don't think I want to have any permanent NPC's. Also thought about a Druid, but the Evil Ranger tracker/bounty hunter just fit with the party concept in my head.

    If anyone has any thoughts or advice on the party set up based on Evil quests/difficulty with fighting any good groups or any general comments I am all ears.

    Lastly, sorry for the long post, but I felt this game deserved it and once again, thanks to everyone who has worked on this game in any capacity over the years, you guys are simply fantastic!
  2. Gaear

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    Apr 27, 2004
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    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :thumbsup:
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