[Spoilers!] Endarire's Bug List for Keep on the Borderlands 1.01

Discussion in 'The Keep on the Borderlands' started by Endarire, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Greetings, all!

    These are things that seem strongly enough to me like bugs that I report them as such. (I played KotB 1.01 on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine using Temple+ 1.0.73 and above.) Since I wanted to consolidate my bug list for this game for purposes of making this mod the best it can be - and because I don't want to rely on updating old posts and perhaps confusing people - here we go!

    (And, of course, spoiler warning!)

    1: Obscuring mist scrolls are massively overpriced. We're talking 100+ G each for scrolls that should retail for 25G before Appraise skill modifiers. On the plus side, they're easily crafted for a monetary profit!

    2: The Adamantine Breastplate obtained from the Merchants' Guild's second floor is bugged for Dwarf character models. It has repeatedly crashed my game, possibly due to an invalid proto or 3D model. Furthermore, it's classified as heavy armor when it should be medium armor: Adamantine doesn't change the item's weight category.

    3: In the Caves of Chaos, during the battle with the Hobgoblin Chief, our party used charm person via a scroll to persuade him to join us briefly. When we left his cave, his dialog opened and he left the party before the spell expired.

    4: I used warp wood to unlock the door leading to the back section of the Hobgoblin cave. The Hobgoblin leader and the front room were already dead of enemies. Our group entered the southwest room, a fight ensued, and we noticed that there were prisoners (Man-at-Arms, Male, and Female) on the initiative list who were taking HP damage. We hurried to the eastern section where we saw the outlines for the prisoners only to learn they were considered enemies, just like the Hobgoblins. (Maybe it was because we greased the area under them or we healed them.) When a tripped prisoner tried standing, he provoked an AoO from our Cleric who promptly killed him depite very much wanting to save him instead. Thus, the prisoners in KotB should normally be factioned as NPCs but initially friendly to the party and hostile to the Hobgoblins, etc.
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