Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde Mod

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    Huzzah! The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde Module is out! Get it HERE!

    Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde is the latest Zmod release by Anatoliy and what we hope to be one of many new modules for ToEE. Unlike ToEE (which was a CRPG version of the 3.5 rules), IWD (which was a TC of an existing CRPG), and KotB (which was more of an adventure game), SGoS is a conscious attempt to recreate, in the ToEE CRPG environ, the experience of a PnP game of 3.5 D&D. As such, it creates a unique play experience including:

    - an adventure for starting level players that should take them well past lvl 8
    - a unique art style based around using actual module maps
    - individual room descriptions, like a DM would give
    - closer rules compliance for issues like bartering
    - a whole new city, Sumberton, to explore, NPCs to meet and many vendors to haggle with
    - 3 challenging dungeons
    - all new quests, monsters and items
    - new play options such as 'Break Object' and 'Smash Object', to overcome doors, break open chests and generally brute force your problems (finally!)
    - new skills including Knowledge (Dungeoneering) which allows you to Inspect enemies and learn about them.
    - challenging, play-tested and fine-tuned combat encounters
    - and much more!

    SGoS requires the latest Temple+, please make sure you have it installed :)

    Installation Instructions:

    - Download the mod from ModDB HERE.
    - It is assumed you have an active Co8 (8.1 final) mod, so install and activate following the instructions. You may also choose to copy an existing active Co8 mod so as not to interfere with your current Co8 game.
    - That being said, if you are using an existing install, DELETE THE CONTENTS OF THE OVERRIDES FOLDER! Yup, for the initial install and run, delete everything in that whole folder or it will Override the game files and cause mayhem. (It will be found, if it exists, in the root folder alongside Data and Modules).
    - Unpack zmod_sgos.dat and zmod_sgos_core.dat to *Your ToEE Game*\modules folder (alongside ToEE.dat).
    - Using latest TemplePlus Configuration choose Module: zmod_sgos.
    - Run TemplePlus and play!

    Known Issues: Currently no ongoing issues but see bug thread HERE

    Patches: current version 1.1 awaiting activation at ModDB (not a patch - please redownload)

    Discussion: Feel free to start a discussions in the General Modification forum or add bugs to the bug thread :)
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