Replayability and randomisation for 8.0

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by BenWH, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. BenWH

    BenWH BGPHughes

    Jun 12, 2013
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    I am not sure if this is a massive question or a small one. This is a superb game, I love the new content and I have played at least to level 4 of the temple about 15 times. What in particular keeps me coming back is a combination of things, but in particular the combat system, fun fights and some of the variation that is on the quests (little things like race specific, intelligence specific or alignment specific changes), and of course all the new additions. With 8.0 being the final version, I have started wondering about increased replayability when there are no new 'goodies'.

    I am wondering if it is simple to add some randomisation to the content - I am thinking of encounters and loot here. I am assuming it is possible to randomise some encounters since the system already exists for the traveling maps.

    What I had in mind is not a major overhaul. I am not suggesting randomising all encounters. More those that are not central to the concepts of the Temple (or other areas). So for example the carrion crawler, stirges, minotaur (Temple), tick, lizard (Moathouse) might sometimes be something different. It would be fun to occasionally get a ghoul at Emridy, or two gars in Imerydis Run instead of one, and just throw in a little bit of uncertainty when replaying. A few of the containers and chests could do with similar treatment.

    I think some uncertainty is needed to recapture some of that feeling of the unknown that was so fun in the first playthrough; it means all the pre-buffing will be less of a surefire hit based on previous playthroughs, and also less designing of characters around knowing where specific magic items are given out.

    Just a thought. Worthwhile?
  2. GuardianAngel82

    GuardianAngel82 Senior Member

    Oct 3, 2007
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    The present content is still new too me, but I know the feeling.

    I was exploring the idea of creating randomly generated encounter maps. But it seems that would somewhat impractical, as the present maps are more or less hand-crafted.

    Random enemies aren't that difficult. Random loot would ROCK! :D
  3. shapecharge

    shapecharge Established Member

    Dec 8, 2010
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    I also would whole heartily support this as well. Anything that is part of the core game I think in the sprit of the module and this site you keep as is. but it would be cool if places like welkwood bog, hickory branch, moat house respawn and verbronc sewers had some random qualities to them in creatures and loot.
    If this is difficult to do maybe just add some more random encounters while resting or traveling to spice things up (not in the amount you receive them just in the variety).
    I personally since I have started this game; play a strict Ironman to keep the replay value alive
    so I know there are still things I have not done or accomplished, such as I have never fought the war of the golden skull nor have I been in any of the nodes also this makes my decisions and choices in dialogue or battle have permanent consequences.
    But regardless of this I do find myself for example when starting a new game not buying my rouges/bards armor because I know in welkwood there is 2 masterwork studded leathers and two chain shirts waiting for me.
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