Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum Makes Troika Question Life Decisions!

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    Greetings, exploiters!

    Today, we're examining two spell series I rarely used in any D&D edition - charm and dominate. This trick is done with Temple of Elemental Evil + the latest Circle of 8 mod + the latest Temple+ edition (1.0.84 as of this writing). Additional mods beyond these that don't interfere with these effects are optional.

    House Rules & Settings
    Most Important (Main Screen)
    -Enable Dungeon Master. It makes what we're about to do faster.
    -Set the Max Level to at least 20. (I recommend 50, though I've rarely exceeded level 20.)

    Most Important (Extra Content)

    -Enable Non-Core Materials and Forgotten Realms PC Races.

    Most Important (Ruleset)
    -Enable Allow XP Overflow.

    Making Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Trainer
    -Be a male Elf (Gray Elf) Beguiler that starts with 18 base INT and a high STR - higher is better. (You can instead be a Human Sorcerer with 18 base CHA or a Human Wizard (Enchanter) with 18 INT, but I prefer Beguiler since it's INT-based casting and you have more spells known automatically and you have a better skill selection. If you're a Wizard or Sorcerer, start with charm person as a level 1 spell known. Having 20 INT as an INT-based means you get an extra level 1 spell slot per day, and we're using that immediately!)

    -If you're a Beguiler, take enough Use Magic Device (UMD) ranks until you have at least a +1 total modifier in UMD.

    -I recommend Improved Initiative as your level 1 feat. (If you aren't a Gray Elf, I also like Combat Reflexes for extra attacks with polearms and off-turn pokes. I also like Extend Spell for this build specifically because it means your Pokemon last longer with fewer spell slots spent.)

    -Pick an alignment to suit your fancy.

    -Don't plan Ironman. We're exploring territory that may crash your game and corrupt your Ironman mode saves.

    Starting Gear & Preparation
    -You're starting with only Ash in your party.

    -Start with at least 1 guisarme, 1 scroll of enlarge person, plus whatever gear you want from the starting shop.

    -If you're a Wizard or a Sorcerer, I recommend also buying the single charm person scroll.

    -Make a backup save in the starting shop when you're done shopping just in case!

    Starting Vignette: Lawful Neutral
    -Make a save immediately upon arriving in the Greyhawk Mayor's office.

    -If desired, bind charm person to a hotkey via Control + the target hotkey.

    -Move so you're standing between the mayor's front guards, then enable DM Mode (the D tab near the bottom left). Under ROLLS, choose minimum. We want these guys to auto-fail their saves. It makes things faster.

    -Save again in a separate slot.

    -Push C to enter combat.

    -Cast charm person on the mayor.

    -Push space to end your turn. Immediately afterward, push C again and charm person a guard. (Use your charm person scroll if necessary.) Repeat this until you've charmed the Greyhawk Goons (the Lord Mayor and his bodyguards).

    -If you got all 5 guys from the vignette charmed, save in a new slot! if not, reload and do it again until you succeed. This is important.

    -Push M to open your map and fast travel ('warp') to South Hommlet. Talk to the signpost outside the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Go to location 1 (Druid Grove).

    -Equip your glaive if you haven't already.

    -Save in a separate slot.

    -In DM mode, set ROLLS to maximum. We want to kill the Lord Mayor in as few hits as possible to avoid having him bug out.

    -Use your enlarge person scroll on yourself and stand at least 20' away from the mayor.

    -Save in a separate slot.

    -When you're the right distance away, charge or full attack the mayor (depending on your position to him). Continue attacking him until he dies. When he dies, quickly loot his body and take all his stuff. Mid-battle is likely your only chance to loot him!

    By killing the mayor, you got enough EXP to level. Don't level yet! You purposely enabled EXP Overflow so you could get the full value of EXP from every EXP reward.

    -The screen may fade and your remaining group (Ash and Goons) is warped to the starting part of Hommlet. If so, warp to South Hommlet and return to Jaroo.

    -Save in a separate slot!

    -Ensure you have enough cash to reincarnate your 4 remaining Goons. If not, do stuff in town but don't pass time and don't rest. Doing so will likely make your charm spells expire!

    -When you're ready, ensure you have maximum rolls enabled and slaughter one of the Goons when you're standing near Jaroo. Kill the guy and quickly talk to Jaroo about healing then reviving a companion from the dead. Agree to reincarnation and revive the nearly-slaughtered minion.

    -Save in a new slot.

    -Repeat this slaughter/revive cycle until you've done this on all your Goons.

    -You should have at least 30,000 EXP or enough EXP to reach level 8. (For this trick, stay single-classed in your initial class.) Save in a new slot then level to 8. If you're a Wizard or a Sorcerer, ensure you learn charm monster as one of your level 4 spells known! (Beguilers learn charm monster automatically at Beguiler8!)
    As of this writing, charm monster is bugged and only lasts 1 hour instead of 1 day (24 hours) per caster level. It still may be worth taking ASAP! An Extended charm person will do you better in the short term for charming Greyhawk's Goons.
    Put your level up ability score points into your primary casting stat (INT for Beguilers & Wizards, CHA for Sorcerers). Pick skills and feats to your liking for your adventure after this. I recommend the feat Extend Spell since it doubles spell durations, like for charm person and charm monster.

    -Head to the Inn of the Welcome Wench and get a room by whatever means. Sleep at least 8 consecutive hours and recover your spells.

    -In DM Mode, enable minimum rolls.

    -Save in a new slot.

    -Return to your Goons and now use charm monster on each. They're your Pokemon for 8 days now! Return to your Welcome Wench Inn bed, sleep there for another 8 hours, then proceed with your adventure to your liking. (I recommend setting your rolls to normal before adventuring.)

    -If your Goons are too damaged for your liking and you feel comfortable with paying cash to regain HP, talk with Jaroo and have him heal until he heals everyone to full. Otherwise, use other means of regaining HP for your charmies.


    Life Afterwards
    It's your job to make people like you so much they join your team long-term. Solve Hommlet's Holy Dowry quest chain if you want. Make the entirety of Hommlet serve their new lord and master if you want.

    If you're a Wizard or a Sorcerer, teleport is a very handy spell for navigating the world quickly so your Pokemon remain loyal to you with fewer refresh castings! Dominate person and later dominate monster are each useful to be able to add Pokemon to your party, let them share EXP, configure their equipment, and so on!

    Alternative, More Organic Leveling Method
    After you charm the vignette units, enter Hommlet's Inn of the Welcome Wench. Rest or pass time there until your Pokemon are no longer charmed. Play the game as you like, then when you feel ready, charm them into following you. Perhaps reach level 3 or 4 by doing Hommlet's quests before making them your long-term Pokemon.

    Damaged charmed units will likely lose their charm effect and some will become hostile when the charm effect ends! Be careful when picking your Pokemon!
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