Planning: Archivist Class & Spell List Implementation

Discussion in 'General Modification' started by Endarire, Aug 24, 2021.

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    Greetings, all!

    Recently, as I shared with certain others in the Co8 community, I made this spell list for the Archivist class based on spells in ToEE, Co8, T+, ShiningTed's Domain Spells mod, and things that I thought were planned. I post this now so the community can plan to implement - and implement - the Archivist class into T+.

    Archivist Basics
    An Archivist is a split stat divine caster: It gets bonus spells per day based on WIS mod and everything else casting-wise is based on INT mod. It's sort of the divine equivalent of a Wizard and is (nearly) unique in 3.x as a natively INT-based divine caster.

    Spell List
    The Archivist is unique in that its spell list is all divine spells. This means that, unlike a Wizard or a Cleric, spell levels for spells can vary greatly across lists. I assumed we were using the ToEE's lowest-level version of spells. (This D&D 3.5 Lowest Level Versions of Spell list exists, and it was an inspiration for this project, but I didn't reference it during my research into the Archivist spell list for ToEE.)

    Learning Spells & Spells Known
    An Archivist learns spells from scrolls like a Wizard and only get 3 + INT mod free level 1 spells known at level 1 and 2 free spells per casting-progression levelup thereafter. Spells gained at character creation and levelup are only from the Cleric list, but all divine spells can be learned via scrolls. This is unlike a Cleric who just knows all spells of all Cleric and Domain levels he can cast.

    Copy Scroll (Archivist)
    The Archivist class also needs a Copy Scroll (Archivist) ability to learn spells from scrolls, and the current Wizard version should instead be called Copy Scroll (Wizard).

    Interestingly to me at least, there's no mention of an Archivist needing a divine spell scroll to learn it as an Archivist spell.

    Notable Class Features & Adaptations
    An Archivist has a class feature called Dark Knowledge which grants various benefits against creatures of certain types based on Knowledge checks. Archivists also get Lore Mastery for +2 to a chosen Knowledge skill every X levels. Since the ToEE module lacks these Knowledge skills and they have no use otherwise, I recommend instead using Spellcraft because it's INT-based and casters have it as class.

    Notable Related Feats
    Academic Priest (discussion here) makes divine spells per day INT-based but doesn't affect spell DCs. This is simply expected for many Archivists because it makes their casting totally INT-based. (Favored Souls have a similar split stat problem with CHA & WIS, but that's another matter.)

    By default, Dark Knowledge functions 3/day and only against Abberations, Elementals, Magical Beasts, Outsiders, and Undead. The feat Archivist of Nature also makes Dark Knowledge work against Fey & Giants. The feat Draconic Archivist also makes Dark Knowledge work against Constructs and Dragons. (For ToEE purposes, combining these feats into one feat - Versatile Dark Knowledge - seems fair.)

    Finally For Now
    What say you?

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