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Discussion in 'News/Comments' started by Ausir, Nov 5, 2003.

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  1. Ausir

    Ausir Beholder Overseer Veteran

    Aug 25, 2003
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    A full <a target=_blank href=>list of fixes</a> for the official patch has been posted in the <a target=_blank href=>Atari forum</a> by Troika's <b>Steve Moret</b>. Here's a small snippet:
    <ul>The highest appraisal score in the party is now always used when bartering (buying/selling).

    Open lock checks outside of combat now Take 20.

    Added Flee Combat option to Radial Menu->Movement. this is available on any map that the party transferred to via a Jumppoint Icon (i.e. N/A for Teleport or scripted map transfers). selecting this Full-Round action will incur AOO's on all party members, and then a Flee check (factors include: Survival, Character Level, Encounter CR) must be made. If successful, the entire party (including those Unconscious, Dead, or Incapacitated) is transferred back to the previous map at the Jumppoint last used. If used "Out of Combat", it will automatically transfer the party.

    NPC's will not loot any item that makes them heavily encumbered or overburdened

    Item creation prereq mispellings fixed (no more SPELL_NONE's in item creation I hope).

    You can no longer start sneaking IN combat (you must do this OUT of combat, before monsters notice you).

    Fixed random encounters with monsters spawning in walls by fixing the random_encounter script to not spawn monsters 6 tiles away additionally an extra spread out is done after spawning but before combat begins.

    Radial menu now displays spells per day for Bards and Sorcerers.
    Long descriptions for items are now available (if it is a magic item, it must be identified first). hover over the item in inventory and press SHIFT-CLICK to access the item description (in a popup window).

    Added a brightness/gamma slider </ul>

    The list is loooong, so check it out! Cheers, Steve!
  2. Sir_Kalthorine

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    Oy, thats my Top Ten list you just copied and pasted from the Atari boards, ya little thief! :shock:

    Hehe... no problem really, I don't mind. :D The patch fix list is pretty darn impressive isn't it?
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