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  1. Shiningted

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Welcome To The Keep On The Borderlands News Thread

    Dateline April 3, 2009, Oceania

    Welcome to the Keep on the Borderlands news thread! This thread will be used to provide updates as to the status of the Keep on the Borderlands mod, current download locations etc. Minor update information will continue to be posted in the Status Report thread, this will be reserved for major announcements.

    • The current release is the Keep On the Borderlands Demo Final 1.11. Download and Installation instructions can be found HERE, both the Main download (1.1) and the patch (1.11).

    • The Status Report thread can be found HERE.

    • The FAQ thread can be found HERE.

    • The Bug Report thread can be found HERE.
    Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for further updates.
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Milestone Reached!

    Announcement: The First Caves are Finished!

    I am pleased to announce that a recent milestone was passed in the development of KotB, with the completion of two of the Caves! (And by completion, I mean completion of the sectoring of the map and placement of the monsters and treassure. There will still be some fine-tuning).

    An internal release has also seen 3 more of the Caves fully (98%+) sectored and ready for their monsters to be placed, as well as the sectoring of the Inner Gatehouse (the place at the north end of the Outer Bailey where the Sergeant stands), the Inner Bailey (glimsped during the finale of the Demo), and two floors of the Fortress.
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    State of the Mod Announcement

    Dateline December 30, 2009, Oceania

    (For anyone viewing this who doesn't know, Co8 5.7 is out - I knocked that announcement off the front page with this. Go get it in the Downloads section).

    Now, KotB: it seems only yesterday I was saying this would be comfortably finished by the end of 2009. In fact, it was a good 6 months ago, and I am very pleased to say no-one has had the ill grace to remind me of it ;)

    Unfortunately, while KotB has advanced, it is not finished. The fault is alas mine, and bears some explanation. Also some 6 months or so ago (mid-July, to be precise) I was stood down from my job, then subsequently sacked and criminally charged, all for being the victim of an incident (yes, I was the victim). Because I realised pretty quickly my employers were out to scapegoat me, I lawyered up, with the result that the constabulary have not heard my side of what happened: hence they feel they are prosecuting a dastardly felon, but will be set right once everything comes out in court (some 5 more months away).

    Depressing, but not the worst thing in the world: in fact, while it is the first time such things have happened to me, I regard it as an occupational hazard in my field. Certainly other folks here at Co8 and in the wider community go through much worse every day. But perhaps folks will understand that with a young family to provide for, a drastically reduced income and a sh*t-load of solicitors fees to worry about, I have had other things on my mind than modding.

    That being said, KotB continues to progress. The alignment quests have all had their initialities implemented, and the Caves continue: the Kobold Cave now has about 4 quests done and is basically finished, the Minotaur is now the subject of a quest, and the Goblin Chief has had his dialogue done (with quests). A full Speak-Languages skill has been implemented, as has Knowledge checks in dlg. The creation of the final two Caves' artwork (gnoll and hobgoblin) is back underway and the end remains very much in sight :)

    Thankyou for your patience and the continuing support and nice things you folk say, it makes it all worth it. And let me assure you, nothing short of death or the Rapture will prevent me finishing this mod.
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Dateline: March 5, 2010, Over the Rainbow

    Good news! My solicitor wrote to the police and they dropped the charges! Yay! Now I can save up for an expensive industrial relations action instead of an expensive criminal case! And I get to be the 'appellant' instead of the 'accused' :D Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support, particularly if I was too tied up to get back to you, (MonkeyLancer comes to mind), I still got them and appreciated them.

    Now, KotB: an official announcement re what I intimated in the 'Progress' thread: the Bugbear map is now 85+% finished! All the bugbears are there, the items in the larder etc are there, the quests are there and there is interaction with folks and items in various other locales. (All that remains is the prisoners).

    Also, the Hobgoblin map has advanced since I last posted here.

    Let's do a Caves status update (SPOILER ALERT! I'm going to assume everyone knows the module and the Caves, skip this if you don't):

    Minotaur: 95% done
    Ogre: 90% done
    Kobolds: 100% done bar testing
    Goblins: Chief and quests done (cave otherwise empty atm)
    Shunned Cavern: 100% done
    Bugbears: 85% done
    Orcs: artwork and sectoring done, monsters in progress
    Hobgoblins: Artwork in progress
    SoEC: Artwork done, sectoring imminent
    Gnolls: Preliminary artwork done

    Coming along nicely :) Also other things like the alignment quests, stuff in the Thorp, stuff in the Fortress etc are coming along.
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    The End is Nigh

    Dateline: Summer Solstice 2012, Oceania, World's End

    ...and we're back. With adjustments.

    In recent months I have been able to return to work on KotB, and I am happy to say it is nearing a final realease :)

    Now, 'nearing' - what does that mean? It means:

    - I am currently finishing the Shrine of Evil Chaos (thats one of the Caves of Chaos, for those who don't know the module - the climactic one). Once done, the Caves will be COMPLETE except for the Orcs, who will not feature in this first full release.

    - Once finished (before the year's end: its mostly clerics and undead in there, really, and very little dialogue to speak of), there will be an internal release for testing while I tinker certain other areas (such as populating the Inner Keep more fully, adding some interesting bits - chests, weapons racks, desks etc - to some of the new tower maps, and finish the implementation of the Disguise Skill).

    - Then there will be an external release and you can all play it!

    Still a couple of months to go, but I have got a clear view of what needs to be done and over the last few months have worked steadily toward it. I have also deliberately curtailed certain things (such as the Alchemy / Material Components side issue) to create a workable framework to end and release the module rather than just endlessly growing it.

    This will be a 'full release' in that you will be able to play from beginning to end, and there will be an appropriate ending. However it will not be 'the end' as there will two more releases: a full release v2, codenamed 'Glory and Consequence', which will contain the LE, LG, CG and CN plotlines, plus enhancements for the NPCs - and bug-fixes from v1 - and a v3 (no codename yet) that will have the NG, NE and TN plotlines. And CE at some point :)

    I will add more detail in future updates but suffice to say, the end is nigh, and yes I am still here.

    Now: my absence.

    I have been absent because I have been busy, no more nor less than that. Stupidly busy. Insanely busy. Too busy to work on the mod, log on here, update my blog, or even check my mail (I checked my email a couple months ago and there was 800 unread messages, only 1 of which turned out to be important. Go figure). Really busy.

    It began when my boss, a couple of years back now, offered me the chance to head a new company they were purchasing. I naturally jumped at the opportunity. By 'head' I mean be the guy taking care of everything, I got no actual impressive title (though the pay was fine).

    What I discovered, though, was they were buying a growing company with a management structure, full-time admin person, 3 consultants and payroll, and replacing it with - me. I had to do everything (except the payroll, our existing admin people took that on).

    So, I was somewhat busy for a while. About 18 months. Of working anywhere up to 12 hour days in the office, coming home and logging back in and going again at home to keep on top of everything. Plus having the on-call phone one week a month to deal with emergencies and be there 24/7. And racing out to do shifts myself when we couldn't get available staff (the company was an agency in the child protection field).

    I have no regrets - it was a heck of a learning experience - but it meant I barely had time for my own family and ancillary things like modding etc were not so much 'abandoned' - I would have posted here if I had ever made that decision - but always pushed back to 'later, later'. It also played a central role in the demise of Cyclopean, though Screeg has been too polite to advertise that.

    It came to a head early this year when I realised my kids were not at all turning out how they should. So I told wifey to get a job, gave my notice in the office and stayed home to be a full-time dad.

    Two interesting things then happened. One, wifey got pregnant again some how (I have never fully undersood the mechanics of this, but apparently I am to blame :p) Two, the boss rang me and said they were having problems at one of our major customers and could I start a full roster of night-shifts to fix things? After all, I wasn't using my nights, was I?

    No, not at all: watch kids by day, work nights, sleep when I'm dead, thats the plan.

    The good thing about this is I take my lap-top to the night shifts and mod all night :) So here we are.

    So in closing: I apologise whole-heartedly for my absence, I never intended it to be this long or this silent. I spent months thinking, "I'll let them know what's ging on when I have time next week" or "I'll try to get something done on the weekend and then make an announcement". But those times never eventuated, and in all honesty many weeks went by when I thought about work and little else. However, I never gave up, as I don't really have the right to - too many people have made too much effort for this mod, particularly the map-makers, but also Cuchulainn and his armours, the various folks who added dialogues, the Inventory Icon guys, the portrait makers, Gaear and his soundtrack etc. I was always going to see it through for them at the very least, even if not in the grandiose style we first imagined.

    Death or the raoture, folks - assuming they don't happen today, we're almost there :)
  6. Shiningted

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Omg I hit

    10,000 posts!

    And you poor suckers had to read them! Bwahahaha!!! :evil_laug

    Now, KotB news: the final internal testing release (call it an Alpha) is FINISHED and testing hs begun. Still several weeks worth of tinkering, bug fixing, adding many a guardsman to the Inner Bailey, and finishing the Disguise and Alchemy skills.

    Then release :)
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Dateline: D-Day, Eastasia (south)

    Having passed the first round of beta testing with flying colours (and a small handful of bugs, being fixed ;)) I am happy to announce the release date for KotB 1.0 is June 30th 2014.

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Dateline: Before the Rapture

    Did anyone read that last news post? It got no reaction. O well, it turns out that due to quite strange circumstances beyond our control, we won't hit that deadline.

    We have to release early.

    Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.0 is out!

    Go get it at ModDB.

    <a href="" title="Download Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.0 - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.0" /></a>

    It's been a long time coming folks, so thankyou for waiting (or 'thank you' as they say in some backwaters). There'll be another news post in coming days, mainly detailing a few things for posterity, but for now I want to say:

    - thanks again to everyone here at Co8 for your support and patience, we're doing this for you
    - WELL DONE! to everyone involved in the mod, no matter how big or small your contribution
    - a particularly big thanks and kudos to Gaear and Sitra Achara, who, having already carried the Co8 mod on their shoulders for so long, got right behind KotB to get it finished and without whom it would have been much, much longer coming and far lesser quality. (And keeping in mind Gaear had long since finished his KotB 'duties' of creating an awesome soundscape). Likewise a big shout-out to Gazra_1971 whose comprehensive bug reports make for a much more polished and stress-free game.

    Full install instructions at ModDB (expurgated version below). Remember to READ THE MANUAL in the Docs folder before starting and also, remember, this is a different game to the Co8 patch. Different feel, different flavour. Not better, but different. Enjoy!



    If your version of ToEE is not pre-patched, install Atari Patch 1.


    If your version of ToEE is not pre-patched, install Atari Patch 2.


    There is no need to install Atari Patch 3. The only additional feature Atari Patch 3 contains is a fix for the infamous DirectX 9.0c looting bug, but this particular issue is also fixed in the Keep on the Borderlands module. If you have installed patch 3 already or if your game comes pre-patched with Atari Patch 3, dont worry. It doesn't matter.


    Double click the Keep on the Borderlands Setup utility to begin installation. When prompted to choose an installation location, make sure to select the location where your game is installed. The default location as defined by The Keep on the Borderlands is C:/Temple of Elemental Evil. If you are using a modern operating system like Windows 7 or 8, it is best to avoid installing to the Program Files directory, as those operating systems may not allow unrestricted access there. The Keep on the Borderlands and its installation utility require unrestricted access. The default installation location for most versions of ToEE is generally in Program Files. We recommend you change this and install to the root directory of your C: drive.

    Follow all on-screen promps. After the module has been deployed, the Circle of Eight front end utility, TFE-X, will automatically launch.

    If this is a new installation, TFE-X will perform the necessary operations to convert your installation for use with The Keep on the Borderlands. Be patient; this can take some time. When TFE-X is finished, it will report the status to you in a popup window. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS POPUP NOTIFICATION WINDOW, THE CONVERSION IS NOT COMPLETE. DO NOT CTRL-ALT-DEL OUT OF THE TFE-X APPLICATION. WAIT FOR THE POPUP WINDOW. Next, select The Keep on the Borderlands from the TFE-X menu and click 'activate.' This can also take some time. WAIT FOR THE POPUP WINDOW TO TELL YOU THAT THE MODULE ACTIVATION IS COMPLETE. DO NOT CTRL-ALT-DEL OUT OF THE TFE-X APPLICATION. After the module has been activated, you may customize various options through TFE-X and launch the game.

    If this is an existing front end installation to which you are simply adding The Keep on the Borderlands, simply select The Keep on the Borderlands from the TFE-X menu and click 'activate.' This can also take some time. WAIT FOR THE POPUP WINDOW TO TELL YOU THAT THE MODULE ACTIVATION IS COMPLETE. DO NOT CTRL-ALT-DEL OUT OF THE TFE-X APPLICATION. After the module has been activated, you may customize various options through TFE-X and launch the game.

    Version 4 of TFE-X will give you feedback on the progress of conversion and module activation. Pay attention to this feedback and do not interrupt any of TFE-X's operations.

    There are currently no add-on pacls.
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    Oct 23, 2004
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    For anyone checking this thread for news of the release, see previous post ;)

    Now, a couple of things for posterity.

    First, the release date. Everyone has been too polite to mention it, but I did say on multiple occasions that we were 'on track' for an April release. Then silence, followed by the June release. I feel I should explain that.

    We were on track for the April release, but there was a suspicion that the CTD bug from the Demo, although not seen for many moons (and believed crushed by some map reworks I had done) may have still been lingering. Although the Alpha testing generally got through to the end, there was one CTD that sounded suspiciously like the CTD bug. Furthermore, the tester in question decided this was being caused by something specific, and when he stopped doing that, it went away. "That", however, was something rather central to the game (to do with resting: not something you can avoid).

    We stopped everything and brainstormed, and it was decided to again rework all the maps, but this time bringing in what we had learned from things such as adding Verbobonc and WotGS (and Gaear gets the credit for all this, btw). A complete overhaul of map naming, numbering and assigning took place, followed by an exhaustive testing regimen devised by Sitra to make sure we had quashed said bug once and for all.

    The result of all this was that we not only got rid of the CTD bug, but map transitions in general were smoother, and the whole game felt more stable. So well worth doing.

    The other upside of this was it also gave us time to fully implement the Outer Bailey reworking / new artwork (also done by Gaear) which is of course a good thing :)

    There WAS one downside - a lot of mobs had to be repositioned. There's a LOT of mobs in the game, and I don't deny, we may have missed one or two (eg the Trader standing up against the door issue Gazra mentioned would be an example). But using both search tools and testing, I think we got pretty much all of it.

    Secondly, the state of the release. Obviously there's more to do, with only 3 alignments allowed and a couple of the Caves needing major upgrades (or in the event of the Orc Caves, some Orcs).

    I was tinkering away with the release a while back (back around the time I reappeared from my absence) and making slow but steady progress on the various alignment quests, but a long way from anything, and I was worried about the maps since our previous map-makers who did the Caves had moved on (which was fine, we got some superb maps out of them, but I was still two maps short). Unfortunately there was no artist in sight at that time who could cover the gap and I was thinking I would have to do it myself (anyone who saw the screenshots of the first Outer Bailey map, before Screeg had pity on me and made a real one, will know that would have been, well, suboptimal ;)).

    Anyways, while looking through an old modding computer for some early dialogues for unfinished characters (like Axer's wench) I came across the original Gnoll and Hobgoblin maps that Ax Thrower made to be improved by someone with artistic skill (which is how a few of our maps started out). I'd completely forgotten we even had them.

    I realised that meant we had working maps for EVERY cave, albeit those two need artwork overhauls. I then made the decision to press on and use those two as is, and if people complained about the artwork, well, it was a reality check re the making of an unpaid mod.

    I don't know how that sounds, but it was a real light at the end of the tunnel moment for me, when I could see a 'finished' product (a game that could be played to the end) being produced in a reasonable timeframe.

    Re the alignment quests: the original idea was for me to work on those while others worked on the Caves. Unfortunately, everyone who committed to working on the Caves subsequently pulled out or disappeared, and I was left with Lord Graywolfe's Kobolds Cave stuff, and a lot to do by myself. I don't blame anyone for this situation, since some of the folks who pulled out were due to very serious real life stuff (worse than what had sidelined me on occasion). but again, difficult decisions had to be made. (Note also that this timeframe was prior to the release of Co8 8.0 and Gaear and Sitra subsequently being able to devote their time to KotB).

    Since the alignment quests are largely a Co8 invention,, while the Caves are the heart of the original module, it was pretty clear which had priority. I tried at first to pare back the alignment quests to only those that were most advanced (LG & LE) but finally decide to skip them completely and focus on completing the module such that a Neutral party could play it through to the end.

    This not only meant KotB would be released in a shorter timeframe (something quite important, considering how long people had already waited) but it also meant that a) a full release could be play tested by the entire community, and bugs quashed, before I started weaving alignment quests around those existing NPCs / storylines, and b) it would give people a reason to replay the game when the new alignment quests came out. So I did it.

    Finally, it meant people could have a play of certain areas as is (such as the Insect Mound and the Thorp) before they are radically overhauled for the next release.

    Where to from here? Well, we envisage the next release in months rather than years, certainly, and as promised the alignment quests are well underway. Here's what we envisage for 2.0:

    KotB 2.0, codenamed Glory and Consequence.
    • Full implementation of all the alignment quests
    • The Orc Caves, obviously
    • Sensible reactions and agendas from the NPC followers. So, Korrac, for instance, will expect you to go straight to the Caves and try to free his Crew . Good characters will react against murder and theiving. Evil characters will have agendas.
    • More NPC followers. Specifically, I want the Lizardman Champion to become recruitable (as a barbarian) if and when you clear out the Dragon and they go back to their swamp. (That has to be implemented too). A new vendor in that swamp too, probably a troll ranger (yes, thats their thing) similar to Mother. Hyrim the Legionnaire of Hextor will be recruitable for Hextorite parties.
    • A 'Hunting of the Boar' quest from Master Bratac where-in a single PC (Ranger or Druid)has to use their Track, Knowledge (nature) skills etc to track and dispatch a rogue boar. Success means entry to the Druidic circle.
    • Complete overhaul of the Insect Mound under the spider woods: some time back, Cuchulainn did some centipede models (based on the carrion crawler) - drones, soldiers, queen - to populate this area. Potential for quests for the Queen too.
    • Fungal Grotto under the Insect Mound (entry in northern bit where fungi currently are, map done by Screeg some time back)
    • Reactive' groups: Thieves' Guild come after you if you dis them. Tribes in Caves join forces as per the module (Goblin survivors go to the Hobgob Cave etc). Adepts from SoEC turn up in each Cave.
    • Psionic monsters. [This section deleted - there have to be some surprises!]
    • Overhaul of the REs.
    • Overhaul of the Necromancy school, with an eye to improving Robin, and to parties having a Horde to follow them.
    • Some new quests for the Great Kingdom guys / the Gravedigger that have been written (dlg done) but not implemented.
    • Balancing.

    That will take a little while. A patch with any bug fixes and some improvements is already being discussed. We'll keep you informed :)
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    Apr 27, 2004
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    Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.1 Module and 1.0.1 Add-On Module Coming Soon

    Dateline August 10, 2014, USA

    The official release date for Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.1 is set for Friday, August 15, 2014. This release will be available in two formats: a regular self-contained front-end module, and an add-on module.


    Both the full module and the add-on module will require that you start a new game. The full module will have no content greater than the add-on module. The full module will be the approximate size of the original 1.0.0 module and will require a new module activation via the 'Activate' button in TFE-X. The add-on module will be much smaller and will require add-on module activation via the 'Add-Ons' button in TFE-X while the 1.0.0 module is active. The main practical difference between the two releases is size. The first is a standalone module and reflects that in download size and footprint. The second is essentially a patch for the original release.

    If you like the convenience of having an all-in-one release that's 'activate-and-go,' the full module is for you. If you'd prefer to save time and/or bandwidth, the add-on module is the one you should choose.

    For complete module activation and add-on activation instructions, see: The Keep on the Borderlands Installation Instructions.


    • Co8 modpack UI update implemented.
    • New portraits and inventory icons for new familiars (thrush, falcon, box turtle etc). Falcon changed from familiar bonus of 10' extra speed (could not implement) to granting Track feat - still requires decent Survival skill to use.
    • Alignment related gypsy dialogue switched off, 'Disguise' skill feedback added.
    • Cats turned off, Outer Bailey cat moved to fix Thieves' Guild first contact issues.
    • 'Those bells are getting louder' renamed 'Gloom', model change to make unobtrusive, improved to draw all clerics into fight. Designed to self-destruct if drawn into combat.
    • Hegumen heartbeat issues fixed: now should go KOS, speak to players if not, follow factional issues, and draw his undead retinue into combat.
    • DCs for all plot-critical secret doors lowered to 23.
    • KotB Player's Guide updated, Guide to Alchemy added.
    • Throwable Alchemical items and oil fixed so that they destruct on impact and can not be thrown back. May do second-round damage a la Alchemical fire.
    • Confusing compass issues removed ("he's in the south west tower. No the other one. No not that one, that one!") Directions rewritten based on landmarks. (This does not affect world-map directions, eg such-&-such swamp being north of Axer and east of the Tower, such-&-such woods being north of the Keep. These were not problematic.)
    • Use Rope massaged so it goes back to the same player (that was confusing).
    • Mislead spell now its proper level (Brd 5, Luck 6, Sor/Wiz 6, Trickery 6).
    • Outer Bailey tower guards now run their 'Disguise' check for if the player is in Disguise.
    • Culmination of Castellan's dinner implemented (watchmen added to party for final encounter). Initiation of dinner streamlined (straight to dinner when you speak to Sergeant) and bullet-proofed as far as possible (all ways into main Fortress trigger dinner)
    • Lady Maeri CR reduced by 2 to account for 'ease' of encountering her alone and unprepared in Outer Bailey.
    • Treacher's Glee massively reduced in value to represent difficulty of selling such an item in the Borderlands (and for balance reasons). Pain's Memory likewise cannot be sold at all (something planned for all Hextorite gear, at least in the Keep).
    • Endslide silent mp3s increased in length for easier reading (will simply play out as 'endslides slideshow a bit slower').
    • Footlockers added to many garrison areas in Keep - something to poke around in.
    • Experience multiplier reduced from 0.7 (ToEE default) to 0.53 for balance reasons.
    • Worldmap landing points in Outer Bailey slightly changed to match new map artwork.
    • Minor internal changes made to spell_enum.mes and some other files. Acid Fog removed due to issues this created in ToEE (not causing problems in KotB, but why risk it? I did like that spell though...)
    • Destroy-&-respawn routine for Mia to eradicate the draw-when-parented issue her axes were having.
    • Pygmy's tombstone added to tombstone.dlg (but not yet to game).
    • Durrak and Brennan now have dlg if you speak to them in their rooms at night. Durrak's has consequences.
    • Major bug with Provisioner's map fixed (Buglist no 6 - inventory respawns changed).
    • Billy fixed. Yet again. Hate him.
    • Two Swords' first heartbeat fixed (caused Billy bug and heavens knows what else).
    • Buglist no 1: red plated gloves in shopmap no longer provide strength bonus.
    • Buglist no 4: the catwalk with the archers in Lord Axer's place now more accessible (needs testing).
    • Buglist no 5: The Magic Hextor shields, which used to sell for less after being identified, increased in value as per DMG (large steel shield, +1 bonus for spell). As above, temporary.
    • Buglist no 7: Reynard standpoints changed.
    • Buglist no 8: The Boba Fett portrait showing up in the Survival interface during a random encounter has led to changes in RE script (needs extensive testing).
    • Buglist no 9: Trader night standpoint improved.
    • Buglist no 11: Heggrim typo fixed to allow him to deal with low intelligence characters. (Lines 102/103)
    • Buglist no 14: Starting gold exploit fixed.
    • Buglist no 18: Stockholm syndrome removed from merchant and his wife. (Therapy works! Take that Tom Cruise!)
    • Buglist no 19: Hobgoblin door changed so it only goes through its rigmarole once (and does not give you endless copper). Untested.
    • Buglist no 20: Korrac will not keep selling you his things.
    • Buglist no 21: Two Swords dex put back to its original score to qualify for TWF. (Thank goodness!)
    • Buglist no 24: Priest deskdrawer can now be reached and looted.
    • Buglist no 26: Dialogue at front gate now takes animal companions into account, if you have a full party.
    • Buglist no 27: Secret corridor behind Gnoll Chief's room fixed.
    • Buglist no 28: Jumppoint from Priest's apartment, putting you in front of Jeweller's instead, changed. Once instance found, needs monitoring for others.
    • Buglist no 30: Korrac gets dialogue specific to the Caves.
    • Game portal typo fixed.
    • Typo in Curate's dlg that breaks "who's raiding the trading" quest if you have met the Curate before, fixed.
    • Secret door in Bugbear Chief's room fixed.
    • Lorin and other Druids updated with better / more accurate skills (Survival etc).
    • Typos for Mia, Reynard, gamequestlog, Lizard Chief, Hermit, Cavalry Commander and Cleric of Hextor fixed.
    • Bug in Quartermaster's masterwork weapon thing fixed for daggers.
    • Gamereplog CTD bug due to overly long description fixed.
    • Maeri's dlg amended to account for mangy dog now not being near her house.
    • 'Cozened' and 'Vigilant' "items" both set NO_PICKPOCKET.
    • Mannes and Gwalles models swapped.
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    Keep on the Borderlands Version 1.0.1 Released

    Dateline August 15, 2014, USA

    Keep on the Borderlands v1.0.1 is now available! Get it from the following link:

    <a href="" title="Download Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.1 - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Keep on the Borderlands 1.0.1" /></a>

    You must start a new game with version 1.0.1 of Keep on the Borderlands. Enjoy!
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