Keep on the Borderlands Demo Released!

Discussion in 'The Keep on the Borderlands' started by maggit, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. maggit

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    This is a message brought to you by ShiningTed:

    The KotB Demo is up! For those who don't know, it is being hosted by ModDB, so you may download it from there!


    There's even a mirror on FileFront!


    Note: the KotB Demo requires ToEE patched to Atari patch 2, and Microsoft .NET v2. If you do not have both of these installed follow ALL the Instructions below. If you do have them (and regular Co8 players shoud) just go straight to step 5.

    The KotB Demo also requires Winzip. Thanks to Zeb for steps 1-4.

    Installation Instructions:

    STEP 1

    Install Microsoft .NET 2.0.

    If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, you will probably already have Microsoft .NET installed on your system. To find out for certain if you already have .NET installed, go to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. If .NET is installed, it will be listed there.

    STEP 2

    Install the game.


    This is not always necessary but some people just cannot install patch 2 without installing patch 1 first. If you are one of those people, like me, install patch 1. If your version of the game is prepatched to version 3, DO NOT use this patch - forget you ever saw this step.

    STEP 4

    Install Atari patch 2.

    STEP 5

    Install the KotB Demo you have downloaded from ModDB;

    Extract to the root folder (...Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil). Step-by-step this means:

    - open the with Winzip

    - press 'extract'

    - select 'all files' and 'use folder names' (probably already selected)

    - navigate to ...Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil

    - press extract

    When this step is complete, you should have some new items in your Temple of Elemental Evil folder, alongside current folders such as data, modules, temple.dll, ToEE1.dat - ToEE4.dat, ToEE.exe and whatever Co8 stuff you have already installed. You should now have KotBFE.exe, data.KotB and some new docs and a .jpg. If you have these, proceed. If you do not, you have unzipped to the wrong folder.

    STEP 6

    READ THE PLAYERS GUIDE in its .doc or txt form. I mean it - read it. People who post questions about things in the game that are answered in the Guide will be shown no mercy.

    STEP 7

    Play the game by running KotBFE.exe.

    Additional Information:

    Two things:

    ONE: The Co8 Voice and Portrait Pack are NOT compatible with KotB. We've been trying too hard and you've been waiting too long to go into details here: sufice it to say this will be remedied - and indeed, surpassed - in the near future, but for the moment, please just play without it. Trying to put the portraits in will break the game - you have been warned.

    TWO: There's a patch! The patches for the Demo will be cumulative, so at any given time you only need to download the latest one, which is:

    >>>>>>> DOWNLOAD 1.0.3 PATCH FROM HERE <<<<<<<

    Installation Instructions for the Patch:

    Firstly, we have to use the Front End to deactivate the KotB module as the default module. If you are installing the patch immediately after installing the Demo, without ever having run it, you may skip this and go straight to installing the If you are not certain, check your Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil folder and see if you have a folder called data.KotB. If so, go straight to installing the

    If not, you will have to deactive the KotB module as the default module using the following step.

    - run KotBFE. Choose a module OTHER than Keep on the Borderlands (Co8 5, perhaps, or just Temple of Elemental Evil). Run game, then immediately quit. Do NOT run KotBFE again before installing the CMF!!!

    This should make something OTHER than KotB the default data module, and cause the KotB data module to revert to data.KotB. So, once this step is done, you should have a folder data.KotB in your Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil folder, alongside the data folder and the modules folder.

    Installing the

    This involves:

    - double-click on the the zip to open it with Winzip

    - select 'all' and 'overwrite existing files'

    - extract to your root folder (your Atari / Temple of Elemental Evil folder)

    Once this is done, run KotBFE and select Keep on the Borderlands. The description in the window of KotBFE should now have an updated version number to match the version of the CMF you just installed.


    Patch 1.0.3 requires you to:

    - clean the map cache when running for the first time

    - start a new game!
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  2. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    New Patch: CMF 1.0.2

    The patch has been updated! See the first post for download details and instructions.

    This patch, alas, does NOT fix the CTD issues which are something I want to get thoroughly to the bottom of before I try to fix it. It does fix several other issues:

    - the Lizardman fight has been improved. While not perfect, at least the shaman is throwing his spells again, and the javelin throwers won't endlessly stand around waiting for spells that are never coming.

    - various minor issues with Milo, Angela, Brother Fist and Aereon have been addressed, particular vis-a-vis getting them to leave the party and getting them to sell their equipment. And preventing their equipment getting stolen in the first place. Angela had a minor portrait bug fixed too.

    - The Curate can now Nuetralise Poison and has a proper reaction to casting Raise Dead (not the previous blank dialogue). The Heironean clerics have ahd their portraits redone.

    - More appropriate soundtrack for the Mad Wizard's Tower.

    - The Mad Wizard now attacks you on sight when he gets a chance, where previously he sorta stood around ;)

    - The Dragon has had a superfluous tiger toy removed from his inventory.

    - The Hextorites will now become violent if you kill any of the major protagonists (including the guards), so no more wiping them out room by room with no one noticing. Also, people killed shouldn't return later as reinforcements ;) This has to be tested but should work fine.

    - The Corporal will now properly summon reinforcements for you at the Bailiff's behest, if there is room in the party.

    - The pathnodes for the Outer Bailey have been done.

    - the bartender should now NEVER EVER be naked, and Fanny shouldn't spontaneously change into armour.

    - the 'Ink, quill and parchment' journal Geoffrey sells is now longer a bit fat spoiler showing the contents of every book in the game, and now only shows them after you have read them. As it should.

    - Various minor typos fixed.

    - Various improvements to the to remove references to latent ToEE files which may have been having an influence.


    The CTDs

    The Dragon's treasure chest

    The Townmaps (the little minimaps that don't always match where they are)

    Anything else reported that isn't specifically addressed here.

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  3. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    New Patch: CMF 1.0.3

    The patch has been updated! See the first post for download details and instructions.

    This patch makes an attempt to address the CTD's. Working on the theory that the CTDs are somehow associated with the various animated characters in the game, I have gone back and re-done every animated character I can think of, plus gone over all the other mobs on those maps to make sure they are set up properly. These maps are:

    Outer Bailey
    Spider Woods
    Mad Hermit

    All this requires a new game. Please provide feedback if this has improved things any.

    Other bugs and issues addressed include:

    - the CTD when receiving the 'Enemy of Hextor' reputation is fixed
    - the Dragon's treasure chest is fixed, and the encounter slightly tinkered
    - various issues with Rope use are fixed
    - 'bluff the Spider Queen' should now work (well, you get to roll for it - it might blow up in your face ;))
    - the Curate should now provide Neutralise Poison, as should Flay
    - Mannes the assistant cleric should provide Remove Disease
    - the Guild rescuee from the cells has had his in-party dialogue repaired and his whole plotline should now play out, for the right party... (still some work to be done though)
    - the Barkeep now pays for beer you sell him
    - the Cleric of Hextor now shouldn't join the party
    - the wolf on the Hermit map should now respond to Wild Empathy
    - Wild Empathy has been improved to include the synergy bonus from Handle Animal, and a +2 bonus from the possession of W0lfsbane
    - the Hermit should now travel back to Master Bratac without the game failing to come out of the fade-to-black of the move (untested)
    - the Trader, Blacksmith and Provisioner should now restock their inventories properly
    - the Lizardmen javelin throwers, improved in the last patch, should no longer do strategy checks after being taken down below 0hp.
    - the ghoul and zombie HD are fixed
    - many other small typos and things I noticed along the way


    - Billy's inconsistent appearance (just go into and out of a building to make him appear, if necessary - will be fixed later)
    - The Mercenaries ripping you off and never leaving (forgot about that one til this very moment)
    - Slowdowns on the Hermit Map (I checked, that tree is NOT some oversized model that the engine struggles with, it is at normal size. So I don't know what's causing them atm)
    - anything else not specifically said to be fixed


    There is some new graphical content in the form of new portraits for a couple of the ladies (very nice and very appropriate), and further customising of the GUIs to set KotB apart from ToEE. Enjoy :) And please provide feedback about what now works, not just about what is still broken!
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  4. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    Interim Patch

    Here is the promised imterim patch with the Blacksmith fix. It in fact contains all the fixes I have done for the past 2 weeks since the last patch, EXCEPT the map-related stuff (mobs and sector files), so just the dialogue and scripts. I am keeping the map stuff back to continue testing the CTD problem (current fix working well :)).


    Unzip to temp.

    Drag and drop the scr, mes, dlg and art folders into the KotB data folder, over-writing the scr, mes, dlg and art folders already there.

    Note: this is not a CMF! it does not contain earlier CMF fixes and should be installed over the top of CMF 1.0.3!

    Fixes include:

    - the Billy-not-showing-but-his-guards-are-there problem.

    - the blacksmith not selling to you.

    - the Shady Prisoner not joining your party (note - you still need a free slot!)

    - the screen going black on the Mad Hermit and not coming back

    - subtle improvements to Wild Empathy

    - you can now bootleg ale, and actually get paid for it.

    - many minor fixes

    Fixes do NOT include:

    - the CTD fix

    - anything not specifically mentioned.

    This patch is untested! Proper CMF to update in the next few days, or ASAP, at which point this will be removed.

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