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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kilraven, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Kilraven

    Kilraven Chaotic Good Lich

    Mar 15, 2009
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    Just for fun, Three questions...

    1. What was your favorite Module or series of modules.

    2. What was your best homemade class.

    3. If your life was "inside" the game what would you be?

    1. The G sries 'Against the giants' you started out fighting the Hill Giants in
    their cool fortress, then the Frost Giants in a glacier rift, then you cleared out the Fire Giants inside a volcano.
    Which led directly to the underdark and the demonweb.

    2. Made a class for half orcs, changeling class, used d8 for hp, could take the form of creatures at one less HD ie: at 1st lvl could take the form of -1 hd critters etc...
    number of shapes limited, equal to cleric spell count.

    3. A dual class Fighter / Druid.
    Served in the army as a youngster, work as a landscaper as a civilan, love my dogs cats fish etc...
    Oh and I left out the coolest part, fought in the SCA, Wyndhaven (Kerrville) & Bjornsborg (San Antonio) as a Celt, heavy weapons naturally.
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  2. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Global Moderator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    1. Probably Castle Amber, since it got me on to a life-long love affair with Clark Ashton Smith (literarily, not literally :p)

    2. I made an Archer class. Many moons later, they had one in Dragon magazine that was pretty much exactly what I made - I felt vindicated :)

    3. I'd be a Paladin-school dropout, and settle for being a Cleric. Possibly specialising in Profession (Herbalist).
  3. blackwind

    blackwind Established Member

    Nov 20, 2008
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    1. Birthrights. It took the fun of role playing game and merged it in to a political/strategy game. Perfect for someone like me.

    2.Warlock, it was a merge between a mage and a warrior. I mainly play 2E D&D and humans were not allowed to multi-class but could dual class though I wasn't a big fan of dual classing. So my brother and I designed a warrior/mage class. That was probably the only class we made that wasn't too powerful didn't replace another class's role.

    3. Fighter/Rogue easily. I have relatively loose morals and the former marine in me is my warrior spirit.
  4. maalri

    maalri Immortal

    Nov 22, 2005
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    1. This one- and Co8 has made this the most true to the PnP DnD -- of course, you can't go wrong with "TERRIBLE TROUBLE AT TRAGIDORE!" LOL! :icon_chuc

    2. Monk- my version- Hit a little better than a rogue- about fighter -1 and had a decent HP- at the time D6+1 (back when Monk was a sub-class of rogue for some weird reason!) because a Monk was definitely better than a rogue fighting and in HPs. I also invented Evasion :) And, like Ted later, felt vindicated when 3.0 hit.

    4. Mage -I am all about knowledge and true power baby. I tend to gravitate toward Rogue/Mages actually, as they fit me best
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  5. Emirkol the Chaotic

    Emirkol the Chaotic Proud Polytheist

    Aug 20, 2008
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    1.) The original Ravenloft. Loved the "true to the genre" gothic feel. Excellent story and great exploration. My fondest memory is actually losing my friend's PC in the castle. We had taken a break and I didn't mark the room we "ended" in. Took me a half hour looking through the module and maps, until we (I) found out where we left off. Tons of laughs ensured, to be sure.

    2.) While it doesn't fit with DnD, making a Dragon as a PC was great. We did it in the Palladium RPG. I still have my entire Fire Dragon's stats, treasure, list and other docs safely stored in a spiral notebook. Ahhh, fond memories. Imagine, a Dragon building a GIANT sand castle on a beach then making it permanent with runes.

    3.) A Rogue/Mage combo. I wouldn't hack it (pun intended) as a warrior, not for long at least. I guess my strengths would best suit me in the Rogue/Mage classes.
  6. GuardianAngel82

    GuardianAngel82 Senior Member

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Hey, Rave. How far north Houston? North Main or Spring?

    1. Since most of my tabletop was in college in the '70's, I didn't play a lot of modules. My favorite campaign was when a lot of characters reached high levels they attracted followers (ADD1), and we sort of devolved back into the original wargame D&D grew out of. Everyone was playing 20-30 npc's at a time, since we allowed them to advance like pc's.

    2. My favorite home-brew was a monk-mage who could wield regular weapons. Not very useful at high levels though, when you need real mages.

    3. Probably similar to 2 since I'm in the Guardian Angels and karate and I'm a teacher of mathematics. Maybe some Paladin thrown in since Angels intervene in trouble.
  7. Half Knight

    Half Knight Gibbering Mouther

    May 16, 2007
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    1)-None. Around here we only get the basic books. Maybe Ravenloft basic setting book for 3ed may count, but we had only the setting, not actually a module. Actually, my first true module would be KotB :)

    2)-Samurai for 2Âșed. Basically was what the monk is now, with a special attack when unsheating the sword. This later was developed in "Oriental Adventures" as Iajutsu focus.

    3)-A bard of course. I know a bit of everything, but i'm not specialist, and i have an artistic bent. And every time i start to sing, i got STFUed :p My friends are unsure what race i am: some say i'm a half elven drow, the others say i'm a goblin of chaos...what a compliment :bored:
  8. tmaximus89

    tmaximus89 Member

    Jun 2, 2009
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  9. TheLadiesOgre

    TheLadiesOgre Member

    Dec 15, 2008
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    1) the Dark Sun modules
    2) when I was younger I tried making a monk type class for 2ed, it was waaaaaaay overpowered (think 15th level 3.5 monk to start and then just ratchet it up by a power of five or so every level)
    3) I'd be an expert with Skill Focus (Profession/Slacker)
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