IWD Conversion) Can't go to Easthaven?

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by lazynomore52, Sep 6, 2023.

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  1. lazynomore52

    lazynomore52 Member

    Jan 12, 2020
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    Sorry, if other people already asked same questions, but I couldn't find it so I'm asking these qeustions. Furthermore, I posted on IWD Conversion thread but no one's reading it so I'm asking here. Anyway, here we go:

    Question 01. https://imgur.com/vVeQJBC

    When I installed IWD conversion, it says it's completed but the TOEE launcher(?) doesn't end. Therefore, I had to forced to close it. Is this normal?

    Furthermore, it didn't ask me about IWD EE's install location(I didn't installed it though. I forgot). Is this normal?

    Question 02. https://imgur.com/qmgwLGa

    When I click the stair inside the tavern, my characters don't go to the basement, instead they teleport to the Easthaven inn.


    Furthermore, when I click the door inside the inn, my party doesn't go to the Easthaven, they teleport to Kuldahar pass(?)


    Actually, it's not even Kuldahar pass, my party is in some dark space(?) and when I move mouse, it shows Kuldahar pass but my party is not there, and some naked guy is in there.

    Is this a bug? How do I solve this?
  2. Shiningted

    Shiningted I want my goat back Administrator

    Oct 23, 2004
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    Sounds like you haven't installed properly.

    I feel there's an easy answer here -"Run as Administrator" on the Front End, maybe - but I haven't installed this in many years. Can anyone who has done an install on IWD lately give an answer?
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