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Discussion in 'ToEE Toolset Project Documentation' started by Agetian, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Hello and welcome to the ToEE Toolset Project Documentation forum!

    The goal of this forum is to provide extensive information about different aspects of game modding, one thread focusing on one specific aspect of the game mechanics. This forum is different from the General Modification in its goal, and it aims specifically at providing detailed reference information, as opposed to discussion.

    Please do not discuss things massively on this forum, use General Modification for that!!! Post only concrete information you know, one topic per thread. Suggestions for improvement of the current threads are allowed as well. In case you'd like to correct some information in a thread, please reply to that thread and present your suggestion.

    NOTE: An exception to the "one topic per thread" rule is the "Well whaddya know?" thread. If your information is minor enough, please use that thread in order to post your information, instead of starting a new thread.

    Unless you are absolutely sure you want to post your new thread here (e.g. in case it contains information about game mechanics and game engine functionality), please post information in General Modification instead, with suggestion to move it here if applicable. Inappropriate threads will be either moved to General Modification (or another forum section) or deleted without a warning, depending on the content. People who will continously spam this forum will be subject to stricter sanctions.

    Moderators of this forum (alphabetically): Agetian, Cerulean the Blue, Morpheus, Shiningted.

    Thanks for reading.

    Head Moderator Agetian, ToEE Toolset Project Team
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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