IMPORTANT: Static objects in sectors must be sorted with SectorSort!

Discussion in 'Sectoring' started by Agetian, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Aug 14, 2004
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    Recently, thanks to Shiningted, it was revealed that the static objects in ToEE should be sorted according to their coordinates and saved into the sectors in sorted order. ToEEWB does not support sorting static objects. However, a new tool was recently released, called SectorSort, which allows to automatically parse a whole folder of sectors (e.g. ToEE World Builder/Sectors, or any of the map folders in the game) and sort the objects inside all of the sectors within a matter of seconds.

    This tool, among with others, can be found in the new ToEE Editor Utilities (TEU) package in a thread here: <Click Me>

    All modders working with static objects are encouraged to use SectorSort with their sectors to avoid such bugs as disappearing doors and scenery, scenery changing to weird green blobs, and other. Please make backups!

    - Agetian
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