Guide to Alchemy for KotB 1.0.0

Discussion in 'The Keep on the Borderlands' started by Shiningted, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Oct 23, 2004
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    Firstly, for anyone checking the 'Downloads' thread for the release of the full version of kotb (1.0.0), please go get it at ModDB.

    Now, due to a curious concurrence of circumstance, the mod released earlier than its intended 30/6 release date. A pleasant change, no doubt, for me :) One thing about this, though, was that the Guide to Alchemy did not go with it. When packing the mod for release I realised that the Guide included was not the most up to date one (which is on a USB stick, misplaced somewhere during 2 moves of house this year). So I deleted that old one and intended to write an up-to-date version that could be released today as a teaser for the up-&-coming mod release.

    Then that went off early, and here we are ;)

    The most up to date version of the Guide to Alchemy is available below. Also attached is an updated activation file for the Alchemy skill, which
    • Includes Alchemical Spark and Alchemical Frost as craftable items
    • Removes poison and the alchemical whetstone, both of which need some scripting polish before they can be used
    • Fixes a few typos

    Please install this file to your data/dlg folder, overwriting the existing one.

    Also, please be aware that I just realised today that the one Distillery in the game is not working, as the game has inexplicably set it's activation item (the thing you click on) as click_through (ie ignore, like a tree or something). For no reason :yawn: Already fixed for the next patch, but can't really be posted as a hot-fix. Use the two Alchemist's Labs for your Distillation needs (if you can find them!)

    And enjoy :)

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