DEMON QUEEN -new model

Discussion in 'Models, Animations, and Particle Effects' started by XVicious, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. XVicious

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    Jun 21, 2013
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    New model for a DEMON QUEEN BOSS encounter for TOEE
    or for just a female salimander type monster in TOEE


    rescuplted model, has new texture, female attributes, the works,
    re-texture mapped the model. Sculpted the head to appear like has womens HAIR.

    If there is anyone interested in teaming up with me let me know,

    I would like to create a new module with new Monsters
    and give TOEE a new playing expierience when running through it.

    adding new rooms to the original TOEE or MOATHOUSE
    adding or changing the BOSS encounters with new monsters'

    I need help with scripting, diolog, proto-typing, world building - map editors
    -artistic stuff - texture that sort

    you could leave the MONSTER MODDING creations and installation of them
    up to me, I know how to do most of this stuff, but I really could use your help.

    I have created many different monster's that work in TOEE, tested everyone of them, before hand. EVEN some of these MODS I created are already being used in KOTB.

    I would like to get some people active on this modding, so we could package
    a whole MOD all in ONE. similar to KOTB.
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