Circle of Eight mod released

Discussion in 'News/Comments' started by Ausir, Oct 5, 2003.

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    Aug 25, 2003
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    The first ToEE mod/unofficial patch has been released. You can find the full list of changes and download mirrors <a target=_blank href=>here</a>.
    Here's a small portion:

    The NPC's looting has been fixed, but NPC's you have ALREADY hired WON'T be fixed. So you need to change them for other NPC's or start a new game if you don't want to.

    <b>Spell Fixes</b>
    <ul><li>All known (to us) Scroll bugs have been addressed (bugs preventing scribing, scribing at the wrong level, or didn't do what was advertised (Fox's Cunning != aid) (Except Hold Portal. Don't ask us about Hold Portal, ask Troika, We can't fix it.) (All Hold Portal scrolls magically transformed into Grease. All references to Hold Portal removed for confusion sake.)
    <li>All cleric domains but Air are fixed. (Air is bugged majorly, maybe a typo in toee.exe linkage?)
    <li>Fixed the damage problems with Flame Strike ... Now correctly does 1d6 * Spell Caster Level (1/2 Fire and 1/2 Divine Damage.)
    <li>Chill touch no longer has unlimited # of uses.
    <li>Read Magic will Identify Potions and Scrolls.
    <li>Burne no longer gets summon monster V at 4th level
    <li>Improved chances of 'permanency' bug not ocurring with touch based spells
    <li>Improved chances of 'permanency' bug not ocurring with Silence, Web, Soften Earth & Stone and Spike Growth spells
    <li>Cure/Inflict line of spells was incorrectly calculating values. Was adding the caster level to the die size(i.e. lvl 5 cleric uses 1d13). Now correctly rolls and adds caster level
    <b>Item Fixes</b>
    <ul><li>Numerous problems resolved with wands..(including the 10 lb wand bug, can't craft it, and wrong spell bugs) </ul>

    <i>Misc Magic/Regular Items</i><ul>
    <li>All magic items that were previously un-craftable are now craftable. (Bands Intelligence, etc.)
    <li>Chainmail Boots and Gloves are no longer considered "medium" armor, and therefore will not slow you down while wearing them.
    <li>Cloaks of Resistance +2 and +3 now correctly give +2, and +3 bonus to saves
    <li>Masterwork Armor/Shields apply proper 3.5 Ed. Skill Check Penalties.
    <li>Pre-existing Armor/Shields apply proper 3.5 Ed. Skill Check Penalties.
    <li>Crafted +1 Armor/Shields apply proper 3.5 Ed. Skill Check Penalties.
    <li>Masterwork/Magic Weapons now apply Weapon Finesse correctly.
    <li>MasterWork Items are now "purchasable" from the blacksmith.
    <li>Dust of Disapearence is now worth 3.5 DMG value rather then 0 Gold.
    <li>All potions now work correctly.</ul>

    Also, Atari has announced officially, that the official patch is in the works. Maybe it wouldn't be if the fans hadn't fixed some bugs before they did?
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