Circle of Eight Mod Pack Release 1.1.0

Discussion in 'News/Comments' started by Sol Invictus, Oct 14, 2003.

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    Aug 25, 2003
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    It's finally done. We, the code monkeys who call ourselves the Circle of Eight have just released build 1.1.0 of our Circle of Eight Mod Pack for Troika's excellent, if not slightly flawed Temple of Elemental Evil.

    Here's some of the changes included in this release, which I personally compiled, so you can blame me if you find any problems relating to the installation.

    Portrait Wizard v0.20

    Toshi's Katana Mod v1.0 - Summary of Changes
    *Damage Adjusted to 1d10 /19-20x2
    *Damage used is v3.5 standard as per the DMG
    *Katana now uses Exotic Weapon Proficiency to mirror rules listed in 3.5 DMG
    *One handed or Two-handed wielding style available
    *Mod test up to 6th level - Enchantment and Customization of the Katana with Craft Skills appears to remain unchanged and is working as intended

    Katana Rules Description
    *The Katana damage has been adjusted to the damage and critical range values listed in the 3.5 DMG.
    *Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword is now required for the Katana to be wielded normally.
    *Bastard Sword proficiency was used as it was the closest approximation to the Katana sword in the available list of proficiencies.

    Mona's Orb Quest Fix

    Brothel Dialogue/Mona Quest Fixes - Stops Mickey from running off, more points in mona's dlg to go into brothel, and no teleport after using services.

    Burning Hands is now an Evocation spell (as opposed to Transmutation previously)

    Item Crafting - Spells which require Fox's Cunning now function as they should

    The Blacksmith has a 75% chance of selling a Full Helm and a Katana

    New graphics for Chris Woods' Ioun Stones

    Sorcerers now start with red clothes as opposed to green. There's nowhere in the game where you can purchase it and it look better than the other two. This will be changed when someone figured out how to implement it into the Tailor's store inventory.

    Items Renamed Pirate Hat is now called a Bicorne

    Asian Hat is now called a Coolie Hat

    Metamagic Fix

    Fogless Towns
    This modification makes it so that all the exterior and interior areas in the towns of Hommlet and Nulb are removed of the incredibly annoying 'fog of war' effect. You will notice an improvement in your framerate and performance in the aforementioned areas. Combat areas are still the same for a variety of reasons - a couple of them being to retain the elements of surprise and adventure - it's just no fun knowing exactly where to expect combat situations.

    Download mirrors:

    The offical release thread located over here.

    Please send an email to
    if you would like to host a mirror for us.

    previous version fixes thread
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