3.0.4 and Portraits

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by Ctennyson, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Ctennyson

    Ctennyson Member

    Oct 2, 2003
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    Previous versions didnt have any issues with portraits, at least for me, but I find now, since reinstalling, custom portraits are crashing the game as soon as I click on inventory. This doesnt happen if I have only one PC, it only happens if I have multiple PC's, and still happens even if there is only one custom portrait.

    For testing purposes, I have narrowed my portraits.mes down to only 2 custom portraits. These are from Steelwraiths(?) Royo portrait pack.

    This is the changed portion of portraits.mes

    Start Code:

    {3060} {HOF_3060_b_rogue.tga}
    {3061} {HOF_3061_m_rogue.tga}
    {3062} {HOF_3062_s_rogue.tga}
    {3063} {HOF_3063_s_rogue_grey.tga}
    {3064} {HOF_3064_m_rogue_grey.tga}

    {3070} {Royo16_BIG.tga}
    {3071} {Royo16_MINI.tga}
    {3072} {Royo16_SMALL.tga}
    {3073} {Royo16_SMALL_GREY.tga}
    {3074} {Royo16_MINI_GREY.tga}

    {3080} {Royo39_BIG.tga}
    {3081} {Royo39_MINI.tga}
    {3082} {Royo39_SMALL.tga}
    {3083} {Royo39_SMALL_GREY.tga}
    {3084} {Royo39_MINI_GREY.tga}

    ; monsters
    {3500} {}
    {3501} {MOO_3501_m_GiantFrog.tga}
    {3502} {MOO_3502_s_GiantFrog.tga}
    {3503} {MOO_3503_s_GiantFrog_Grey.tga}
    {3504} {MOO_3504_m_GiantFrog_Grey.tga}

    End code:

    In particular, 3070 and 3080. I cant see what the problem is. The names are identical, the path is data\art\interface\portraits. I can email both the portraits and the mes file to anyone who has any ideas or questions. I have read the previous threads on portraits also, but no help.
  2. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Apr 30, 2004
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    that is intresting cause usally the ones from the portrait packs work fine, its usally the ones people try to make for them self that cause problems. i am using all custom portraits and have even changed a couple of the npc portraits and all works fine. my original problem was that i was missing an extra layer on the portraits. not sure what it is exactly, but even greyscale portraits have this layer of color over them. without it your game will CTD everytime you have more than 1 in your party and you try to open inventory. happened to me alot before i got it figured out, with alot of help of course.
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