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Mar 8, 2020
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Mar 8, 2020
    1. sirchet
      Good, nice to hear/read from you. :)
    2. sirchet
      Wasteland 2 will ship with a toolset also and Steam Workshop community support for mods and multi-player.
    3. sirchet
      What script are you attaching to the npc?

      And you must be sure to have the correct tag of the npc in the script, or it will not affect him/her.

      As per preventing an npc from completing his circuit with a word or trigger ... I've never tried it that way myself.
    4. sirchet
      I did the things no one else wanted to do.
      Some scripting, some building, some 2da editing and of course quite a lot of dialog writing and editing.

      I gotta say, scripting is by far my weakest point. Thank God for the friends I've made that are always willing to tell me just how bad I butchered a script. ;)
    5. sirchet
      If you search the available scripts you can find an on_rest script, (SoZ made it client_on_rest) and you can poke around with it. Remember to make a copy of the existing script before you start your trial and terror ... I mean error. ;)
    6. sirchet
      Ahh, the noise button ... one of the most overlooked tools of terrain mapping.

      Noise can make a crappy area look, well ... less crappy. :)
    7. sirchet
      Are you using a custom ground texture for the snow? If you are, be sure to read the makers notes because you might have a compatibility issue.
    8. sirchet
      What I mean by .net is the .net framework from micro-soft

      And the drop down I mean is the "selection" choice on the tool bar, it gives you the choice of selecting, or not selecting certain things when you click on them.

      I tend to have trees chosen as not to select so I don't keep getting a tree when I really want a flower underneath the tree,

      I mentioned this because sometimes having something checked for not selecting can also make it not show up in the tool set.
    9. sirchet
      What version of .net are you running?
      The solution might be as simple as updating to at least 3.0.
      And just to be silly, you don't have trees selected in the "selectable" drop down menu, right?

    10. sirchet
      Yup, you can just delete the files and you're good to go. If a .hak is assigned to a mod you will not be able to open the mod without it.

      So, you've got me tagged as you guinea pig, do you?

      I'd be honored to check it out when it's done. ;)
    11. sirchet
      Hey, did you get my answer to your question about the trees?

      Np, I'll reiterate; if you are using custom assets, say special trees for instance, you must have the appropriate assets for the trees in your override folder to see them in the tool set.

      Quite often a .hak that is issued with a module doesn't have the builder assets needed to see the objects when placing them.

      I recommend contacting the builder who made the asset and requesting the files for your override, sometimes you can just disassemble a .hak and get the files that way if they are in there.

      .haks are for players, override files are for builders.

    12. sirchet

      Unfortunately this module is still in the testing phase IMHO and it might prove more of a head ache than it's worth.

      Are you aware that NWN2 has the pause function, (spacebar) that will allow you to give each of your party members orders.

      What I tend to do is go to the behavior tab of my companions and tweak them to exactly how I want them to act.

      The latest patch has given the companions an acceptable AI IMHO.

      If the AI that comes default is to weak or not enough for your tastes, search the vault for TonyK's AI pack and it will give you many more options ie buff team before battle and such.

      Let me now how things work out for you.

      ps ... if you play Trinity, let me know what you think if you don't mind. ;)
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