The Circle of Eight Modpack Mini-FAQ

Discussion in 'The Temple of Elemental Evil' started by Gaear, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. pijani

    pijani Member

    Aug 22, 2009
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    Re: The Circle of Eight 5.5.0 Modpack Mini-FAQ

    ...! there is something on the mao in Gnarley woods?? :))))

    this mod pack is fantastic :)

    is there a list of new things or areas or quests?
    I stumbled on few, but I am afraid I am going to miss something :))

    thank you
  2. Gaear

    Gaear Bastard Maestro Administrator

    Apr 27, 2004
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    Re: The Circle of Eight 5.5.0 Modpack Mini-FAQ

    Updating this for Co8 5.6.0 BETA ...

    What will it do?

    Hopefully restore vanilla balance, which 5.5 of course did not do. This is done primarily by temporarily removing the major new content expansions. We also desperately hope that the fatal sector memory leak errors (aka 'jerkstop') will be gone. And other things too.

    But I want to play new content!

    Then play 5.5 or wait for subsequent releases, where it will reappear in its shiny new fully-integrated form.

    Tell me about less humble NPCs.

    It didn't make it into this modpack, unfortunately.

    What else is new?

    Read the release notes for a complete list. I will issue one special warning here though: I'm not going to spoiler it for anybody, but there is an old familar scenario with a new dangerous twist in 5.6. It may in fact qualify as something nearly as difficult as the revenge encounter in Nulb. This came about quite unintentionally, basically just as a result of trying to fix a disappointing aspect of the vanilla game and just taking it to its logical conclusions, sort of ala 'Reactive Temple' though not that specifically. It was very challenging, but I had great fun playtesting it. Hopefully you will too.
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