SKM moddified Texture refinement pics

Discussion in 'Models, Animations, and Particle Effects' started by XVicious, May 17, 2015.

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    Jun 21, 2013
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    these are a collection of SKM (modified) models given some updated texture work, from their
    base packages


    all these SKM works where created using the recent SKM toolset
    I had created some 2 years ago.

    the skmtool set simply does all the hex and data work with bones for skeletol rigs
    and allows easy mobility (and translations back) to/from 3d CAD programs into TOEE; CADS like Maya, Blender, Anim8or using the standardized WAVE format OBJ extensions files.

    I am using the Linux/UNIX mobile windows GIMP photo shop editor
    which is free open source prodjects.

    the skmtoolset took me like 1 month to complete, given some bugs with
    indexing normals and running them through 2 pass Queue algorythms.
    the base beta toolset only took 1 week maybe, but I found myself adding more
    and more to it, due to some more demanding power coding.

    the Bone data or animation rigging still sits dormant inside the SKB file format I
    improvised by the developing toolset. the bones data are per veterx or per point
    but for now, the most simplest and cheapest way is to use the existing animations
    given from the base models and their base origin bone positions.

    I think adding new animations to an already complex game, would be a bit superfluous. Also using some form of rigging and animation engine in itself
    to develop these new animations, is a bit exessive, and does not nessarily help
    create new monsters on the fly.



    version 1 for white_Dragon

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