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Apr 19, 2018
Aug 3, 2010
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Knights of Legend, from Adelaide, Australia

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Apr 19, 2018
    1. florian1
      Something to possibly add to your walkthrough guide for ToEE NC. Zuggtmoy's level becomes a safe resting place after you destroy her. My party rested there for about 30 days without any encounters, when they went back to collect the gem hoard.
    2. gazra_1971
      Well, I edit the game guide regularly, so if I created a PDF of the game guide, then it would soon become outdated and obsolete, so I would prefer to keep the game guide as a thread in the Co8 forum for now. If you or anybody else wants to create a PDF of the game guide for your personal use, then by all means.
    3. PriestOfThaloth
      Gazra would you please provide a PDF of your important guide to the game thread?
    4. sirchet
      Hey gazra,

      John the DM said to have you sign in, or register if you haven' at Fantasy Grounds and then PM him.

      He's JohnDM or just pm me and I'll forward it.

      Gonna be good to have you dieing with the rest of us. ;)
    5. sirchet
      Hey gazra_1971,

      I prob should of asked before I did it, buuuuuut ... I converted your awesome guide to pdf and started a thread with the link for it.

      ps, If you'd rather do it yourself, (I understand) just let me know and I will delete the thread.

      Again, thanks for the rock'n guide I use it all the time. :)
    6. Rocktoy
      With what kind of PC you were not able to take the Forge Ring feat at level 12? My cleric had no trouble with that.
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